1942: The Turning of the Tide

Now that is cool. Coming along very well.


Hello fellow modeling enthusiasts.
I hope it’s not too late to join this fun campaign. I plan on depicting a scene from the Battle of El Alemein using vintage kits with a new twist to them. After seeing all the great builds being made, I got inspired to participate.

Yep, the old Tamiya Time Capsule kit, My plan is to augment this with a forced perspective effect.

I also plan to give the Tamiya 1/35 Afrika Korps figures a foe to battle. Hence, some vintage Desert Rats will join the scene.

This 1/76 Matchbox(Revell) Humber will be part of the forced perspective effect. I’m also going to add a 1/76 37mm Pak AT gun.

Along with the fun I’ll have on my own project, I look forward to seeing how all of your builds turn out. Happy Modeling!!!


Wow. Ive never seen a Tamiya Time Capsule set. Well, with you doing this project Panzerman, this will truly be a trat for the eyes. And a forced perspective yet!!! Fantastic.



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Thanks Chuck. I’m a bit tardy posting here. Got some done already. I’ll catch up with the posting soon. Hope that part comes from Miniart so you can resume your project.

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Panzerman, Yes it did and now construction can continue.


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Miniart came through with the missing part that held up my project for this campaign. Here are a few of interior shots before a little cleanup and priming.


Top part is the right side interior and bottom part, naturally the left interior wall. Not much to place on the right side, but the left had a number of things to be attached.


Full interior minus the engine which I’m working on now. Plenty of detailed parts to get placed into this busy interior. Miniart did an outstanding job in replicating the interior.


Another view from back to front. While I really like the excellently molded detail, placing parts in near exact location is a must in order for all things to line up correctly.


Left side view of the interior. Again, all very impressive detail.

Now that the interior is complete, minus the engine, I’ll go through and fill any gaps and clean up any parts with sanded plastic residue remaining before I prime the interior. Hopefully my next update will be a completed engine and main gun.

I’m really enjoying all the entries in this campaign even if it’s not subjects I typically build.

Happy modeling guys and gals.




LCT(1) sometimes known as an”A-lighter” Main hull printing now complete including all decks. First coat of primer added over the epoxy.
Added rubbing strakes that should have been fitted before paint
Decided she will be TLC A17, the first ever Tank Landing Craft, launched 12 November 1940 at Hawthorn Leslie’s yard on the Tyne.

Comparing A17 with LCT(2) and LCT3 hulls. The LCT2 was 2ft wider than the LCT1 similar length, simplified construction, more seaworthy, three shafts against 2 for the LCT(1). Before early 1942 these were TLC, renamed to comply with US practice.
LCT3 was 32ft longer than LCT2, twin shaft.


Even more excellent work here!

Meanwhile, for good or ill (mostly ill), the 1/48 Eduard F4F-4 is done:

Ran into what seems to be the Eduard duality. Some of their kits (such as the A6M) are really quite straightforward and build up easily. But some (F4F) can be a nightmare.

Anyway, this duel build is done. Scratching at the back of my mind is the desire to move on to the I Love Kit 1/350 Enterprise, but I have other projects on deck, so I’m trying to resist.

Michael :israel: :stuck_out_tongue:


@panzerman1 Great idea! I am looking forward to see more of your build. Nostalgia with extra nostalgia on top! I love it!

Michael, good job on the wildcat! Nice with a duel build!

Very nicely done!

I enjoyed following your build. Keep up the good work.

@michaelsatin - These two adversaries look great! Excellent builds! :saluting_face: :+1:
Peter :raising_hand_man:

Meanwhile I’m getting closer to finish my second build here…

Still needs the matt finish and the weathering (Malta - hot sun and sand/dirt…)


Great work being done here. Time to catch up with the recent builds.

hetzer44, thanks Chuck. Your KV is looking great. Amazing interior detail.

Amegan, fantastic 3D print LCT (1). Superb previous builds of similar ships.

michaelsatin, congrats on finishing your F4F-4. Awesome build and great paintwork. It looks terrific next to the Zero.

SGTJKJ, thanks. I’m a nut for old kits. Nostalgia galore!!!

B-17-peter, your Spitfire looks awesome. Painting and decals are perfect.

That’s it for now. Keep up the superb work. Happy modeling.

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Update time for my Tamiya, 1/35, Time Capsule of El Alamein.

Work begins on the 1/76 Humber.

Since I have 2 inches to work with inside the bottle, I needed to foreshorten the Humber along the centerline.

Paintwork mostly done.

Working on the Matchbox(Revell), 1/76, Pak 37mm AT gun.

Added battle damage to the Pak 37mm gun.

That’s all for now. Thanks for viewing. Questions and/or suggestions are welcomed.


As a huge fan of Matchbox I cringed at the sight of that Humber, then I realised what you were doing with it! It’s a good idea and will save you a lot of space. Nice work on the paint and looking forward to seeing how it all comes together in the final diorama.

I’m in then with the Airfix 1/72 Wildcat. Not sure which option I’m going to go with yet. I had thought the aircraft from the Enterprise was at the time of Midway, but I think it might be before. Airfix is rather vague here. The Guadalcanal option, with it’s impressive score board, is calling out to me.


Now that looks just like it came from an actual pic of the time. Excellent work.

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I understand that’s a very nice kit. And you’re right, the Enterprise option is pre-Midway, but not much. VF-6 only got the -4s a few weeks prior to the battle (I THINK just before they escorted Hornet and Doolittle in April) and the full color insignia was replace fairly quickly thereafter, they just had the blue roundels with white stars at Midway.

Michael :israel: :stuck_out_tongue:


I remember when I did my Dauntless pair I had put on the roundels with the red dot. And than came across Timeline for the US Air Force National Star Insignia - AirCorps Art

Where it says they were used untill may 27 1942, so I removed the roundels and replaced them with the ones without the red dot.

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Thanks guys, I guessed it must be around that time but wasn’t sure when the change in the markings came into effect. I’m going to go with the Guadalcanal markings. Don’t have anything from that campaign yet, so it’s a good start. I’ve got a couple of these, so I’ll no doubt do the VF-6 at a later date.

Got some paint on the interior parts. I used AK’s US interior green. Brushed really well but the colour does look a little on the pale side.