1942: The Turning of the Tide

Started the recon set last night. I hadn’t appreciated how small it would be. This is the larger vehicle SD Kfz222. Fairly straightforward kit that fits pretty well. There are only 31 parts in this but I nearly messed up fitting the rear mudguards and the gun was very fiddley, not helped by one of the trunnion holes being undersize.IMG_7866
Kit is 1989 boxing of 1974 tool and it shows, the numbering of the parts on the sprue is barely readable. Airfix can’t seem to make up their mind about this one, some boxings say 1:72 scale and some 1:76.


Finished about 80% construction, lighter color parts are from a SkyWave set. Most sub assemblies have been tacked on with a little glue. Did that to keep the primer from the mating surface. Next step-rattle can Tamiya.


Hello everyone…I am going to join the campaign with the Tamiya Panzer IV F…

I got some Africa theater Star decals for variety…

I also got these damaged Panzer IV wheels from Warriors…

I have several crewmen to choose from…

and finally a bunch of stowage for those loaded down African German armor.


Bit more done today.
Glued the wings together and cleaned up the undercarriage parts. Quite a lot of fiddly parts and wanted to get those out of the way.
I wasn’t happy with that AK ZC interior green, so I’ve stripped that from the cockpit parts and I’m going to use Mig Ammo acrylics instead. Looks much better. I know the ZC green did vary quite a bit, but AK’s is way too pale. I think it would work quite well as RAF interior grey-green though, so all is not lost.

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hadn’t done much lately on my yak, basically procrastinating because i was unsure what to do about the underside blue. i finally decided to mix my own version. model master azure blue mixed with about 8 or so drops of insignia blue and a touch of black to cut the grey tint. i just tried to match as best i could to the photo on the box.



Looks good Joe.

Managed the interior base coat on the Wildcat today. I couldn’t get the Mig paint to work for me. I haven’t tried airbrushing it yet, but brushing was a near disastrous. Brushed well to begin with, but it very quickly pulled itself into little pools of paint. This was over Vallejo’s white primer I brushed on first and left overnight to dry. It also did the same on bare plastic when I tried it on a piece of sprue. I might try it on some Tamiya and Gunze primer another day and see if the same happens. So, removed it and tried again. This time with Vallejo’s Model Colour Yellow-Green which I’ve used before for ZC green. Should’ve just reached for that and saved myself all this bother.


Got some progress done…lower hull and main part of the upper hull completed…

…damaged roadwheels are put together…

they are not straight as they are loose for painting
This is the bow machine gun Tamiya has molded onto the inner mantlet…

Really Tamiya? It was molded in 2020…basically a molded skinny piece of plastic.


Finally got back to the P-40B of the AVG after a bit of a hiatus from building. I messed up the decals on the instrument panel. So I had to paint. I am actually pretty pleased with how it’s turned out so far

I plan to do some weathering in the form of a dry brush of dark grey to make the dial edges pop out.

I also have the rest cockpit and fuselage interior painted and ready for weathering. Should be able to button up the fuselage halves tomorrow


The IP looks great. Are you planning to add gloss or future for the glass dial faces?



Yes I think I will once I weather it!


ip looks great. my hands are not steady enough to do that unless maybe at 1/32nd scale.
remember there should only be lap belts for the b/c model.

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Thank you kindly! There was some raised detail to help, but some of it was free hand. I find I don’t worry too much about how clean it is while doing it. Small imperfections are cleaned up with a number 10/0 brush and very thin Vallejo flat black

That is good to know! I would have made shoulder belts.

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got the black and green camo done on my Lydia Litvyak’s yak 1. gloss coat and decals next.

just went with the direction sheet camo. not sure it’s right and i think i may add some green to the right side fuselage. that big black patch doesn’t look right to me.


Some great detail painting on the IP… Well done :+1:


Like that camo scheme and the colors you used. Looking good.



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Agree, the cammo on the Yak looks great.

It’s been a busy weekend, so not much progress on the Wildcat as I hoped. Managed to finish up the cockpit, the decals have been applied to the instrument panels and those are currently drying.

Got the pilot painted. Just goggles and seat straps to do on him when the base coats are dry.

And finally the undercarriage assembled. Quite fiddly, but if you follow the steps in the instructions it goes together well and the final part is quite sturdy. I did try dry fitting it through the fuselage taped together, but it wasn’t going to work.


Once attached to the firewall, the dry fit should be easier.


If fits quite well in there.
What I tried before was to assemble it all through the holes in the side and front. Just to see if it was possible to do once it had been painted and decalled. But no, not without using keyhole surgery equipment!
I have to take my hat off to Grummans engineers in making all of that fold up neatly.

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Got all of the cockpit internals painted, then did a pin wash and a coat of dull cote.

Next up is some dry brushing, pigments and light chipping as well as making a seat belt. Should be able to close the cockpit soon. Will also add some future for the dials


P-40 interior looks good.

Made a little more progress myself the last couple of days.

Wildcat’s cockpit is painted and assembled. I did add a drop of clear to the dials, but they’re barely noticeable.

And the pilots finished. Not sure yet if he’ll actually fit, the seat hasn’t set fully and I don’t want to disturb it.