2021 Campaign Ideas

There are only a couple more months left in 2020, thankfully! :grin:

It’s time to start considering campaign ideas for next year. If you’ve got something that you think would make for an interesting campaign post a message about it! Be creative!

Happy modeling!

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A campaign that was done many years ago but I’d like to participate in would be something on “proxy wars” during the Cold Wars.

This is very rough inside my head and I’m very very open to other suggestions around this.

I don’t know whether it would be possible to pick one or a group of them:
the wars between Israeli and Syria/Egypt
the wars between India and Pakistan
Iraq v Iran

I’m not sure proxy wars would be the right thing to call them? I guess I would exclude Korea, Vietnam, Falklands, and Afghanistan because Western powers or Soviets were direct participants there.

I agree, proxy wars may not be correct. How about “Forgotten Wars”? These would be conflicts the majority of people haven’t heard about or don’t know much about. I will be honest but my knowledge of India/Pakistan is exactly 0.

There are lots of these smaller conflicts that could be included. 2 from my old stomping grounds (South Africa) would be:

  • South African border War with Angola
  • Rhodesian War

How about…

  • Use that ONE item (be it a rifle, figure, rucksack, head, decal, metal gun barrel, resin wheels, plinth, bust, groundwork, etc. that you have always wanted to use but just haven’t gotten around to it).

  • Grail Kit, big or small, expensive or cheap. (If you finally have the chance to build one of your Grail Kits (those big expensive or rare kits that you hold so true and dear, waiting until you have the perfect time and day), do so now).

  • REAL Comicbook Superhero (as seen in the REAL comics and movies).

  • Fictional Superhero (you create your own Superhero figure or vehicle. Please provide a background comic story. Can be OOTB, kitbash, converted, scratchbuilt, or sculpted, but can’t represent the actual figure, meaning the General Patton figure can’t be a superhero because it has to be fictional, but you can use and convert a General Patton figure).

  • Swimming, fishing, and wading people (Ladies in swimwear, divers, EOD with fins, SEALs in wetsuits, boaters, surfers, Lifeguards, figures walking in water, rice paddy farmers, fishermen, Frogmen, survivors in the water, etc.

  • “Spacecraft Galore!” (Any and all spacecraft that can get into and/or fly in orbit, real or fictional or scratchbuilt, even robots, drones, shuttles, Star Wars, Star Trek, BSG, Gundam, Buck Rogers, ALIENS, UFOs, etc. Unlike Sci-Fi Campaign, can’t be aliens, hovertanks, AT-ATs, R2D2/C3PO, movie characters, or astronauts…needs to be a spacecraft with life support system).

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I am planning of continuing my long line of “Sci-Fi and alternate history” campaigns. Basically a very broad topic that would include any and all space craft, but also other creative ideas.

I am also open to run “Hot out of the molds 2021” again if there is an interest. Any kit released in 2020 or 2021 would qualify.

I love the old nostalgia campaigns building kits older than 30 years, old matchbox, old ESCI kits or similar. If somebody wants to run a campaign like that I am game :slightly_smiling_face:

A Vietnam war campaign would also be cool.

I support the “forgotten wars” campaign idea :+1:t2:

I have three more narrowly scoped ideas:

  • something that is specific to guns (artillery, anti-tank, anti-aircraft)
  • the armored car
  • troop transport (can be anything really, but it’s got to have guys with boots getting a lift)

I guess all of these might be armorama specific, but I was thinking forgotten wars would be armor, air, ship, etc…

A while back I thought about maybe having a tractor campaign since there are some new kits being released as well as some that have been out there for a while.

Maybe some of the tracked tractors as well.



I have also thought about having a “redo” campaign where you can go back and redo and improve on an existing kit or diorama that you did previously but just aren’t happy with the way it turned out.

Those are a couple of my thoughts anyway.

Randy :slightly_smiling_face:


I really like the Proxy War idea specifically Arab/Israeli great reason for me to do a Grail project a Syrian Panzer IV.

Flatbed Rail Car any topic goes that fits on the flatbed rail car like cars, tanks, robots, etc

V12 Engines anything with a V12 engine. Lots of cars, planes and some tanks.

Black & White the subject material must have black & white paint. Topics whitewashed tanks, police cars, spaceships,

Swimming, fishing, and wading people (Ladies in swimwear, divers, EOD with fins, SEALs in wetsuits, boaters, surfers, Lifeguards, figures walking in water, rice paddy farmers, fishermen, Frogmen, survivors in the water, etc.

I like the idea for that one. :+1:

Gate Guardians and Memorials and Relics: I’m thinking the various Normandy armour/bunkers/bridges, or the aircraft outside various airfields/museums. Even figures could be memorials, and ships or subs too.

I see some good ideas here, guys. If you’re willing to be a campaign leader post a proposal message thread outlining your vision and see how much interest there is at large. When you get your requisite 10 people willing to participate submit it as a campaign and I’ll get it put into the system.

Submit Campaign Proposals Here!

So the campaigns mechanism will survive the transition?

As far as I know at this point.

Here are some more ideas…some are recycled from years back that can be “What is old is new again.”

  • Celebrate 75th-Year Anniversary of the end of WW2…any WW2 Allied vehicle, figure, plane, ship, scene, or diorama showing victory, celebration, removal, parade, or shipping back home AFTER the war, meaning no war action scenes. Can also show 2020 timeframe.

  • Sniper ##…the continuation of of the Sniper Campaign (whatever number it now is).

  • 1/24 scale and Above for Figures (Any figure 75mm and larger scale).

  • Armed with a handgun only…any figure that has a handgun in hand, no rocket launchers, no carbines, no machine guns, nothing else and no other guns carried on the back.

  • Civilians (You know, we can finally do this now that there are a lot more civilian figures on the market).

  • Animals only (Same with civilians…more animal kits are being sold on the market).

  • “Back on the Moon and First to Mars.” (Sci-Fi concepts and vehicles revolving around those two future themes).

  • Anything medical-related (Ambulances, Coast Guard SAR, doctor and nurse figures. Red Cross, search dogs, ambulances, fire trucks with Advanced Life Support, gear, Hospital ships, etc.).

  • Anything police-related (vehicles, SWAT figures, helicopters, SUVs and cars, officers, etc.)

  • Anything engineering and construction related (Equipment, tools, figures building something, engineering vehicles, logging trucks, forklifts, bulldozers, etc.)


I’m looking at doing another Build a photo campaign and possibly another Golden memories… But I will also be very interested in a few mentioned above, Sci fi and alternate reality, gate guardian /relic and troop transport…

No more… I need to be able to sleep… :rofl:

Thought I would put up a list of the 10 that are already sanctioned for completion next year based on the Old Forum Campaign list. The 10 are in completion date order (I have enrolled in 8… Heaven help me…):

I’ll probably take you up on that HootM offer!

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:

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Another “forgotten” war is the Algeria War for the independce of Algeria from France 1954-1962. I have a french F4U-7 Corsair from that war, which I would like to build in 2021 …

@BlackWidow I have Takom’s AMX 13 with Chaffee turret which is also an Algerian war option.

…although the kit has the same problem as their AMX-13/75 which has decals for Israeli use - the wheels are not the correct bolted type which are prominent in the pic.