2022 - Year in Review

Hi folks.

I know we still have 10 days to go this year, but with work and family commitments I’m unlikely to get anything else completed before we roll into 2023. Here is my “Completed Builds” portfolio for calendar year 2022. Some were old (some VERY old :crazy_face:) shelf queens, some started and finished this year.

Aston Martin DB5 (Doyusha kit in 1/24 scale) - Completed January 16

57 Chevy Nomad Limo “2-Mad” (Revell-Monogram kits x2 in 1/24 scale) - Completed February 26

51 Chevy Convertible (AMT kit in 1/25 scale) - Completed March 5

55 Corvette (Converted from Monogram 53 Corvette kit in 1/24 scale) - Completed March 27

Willy’s Jeep Military version (Hasegawa kit in 1/24 scale) - Completed April 14

Willy’s Jeep Fire version (Italeri kit in 1/24 scale) - Completed June 6

Austin “Tilly” RAF version (ACE Models kit in 1/72 scale) - Completed June 7

51 Chevy Fleetline (AMT kit in 1/25 scale) - Completed July 17

Clerget Rotary Engine from Sopwith Camel (Hasegawa kit in 1/8 scale) - Completed September 2

Willy’s Jeep Civilian version (Italeri kit in 1/24 scale) - Completed September 9

Completed 10 builds. I didn’t hit my target of 12 for the year (I was hoping to finish 1 per month and clean up some of the WIP pile), but I feel very satisfied in that I have worked on developing my skills with several techniques and products that will be applied to future builds.

Many thanks as always to everybody who has supported my rambling posts and bench shenanigans along the way, with suggestions, advice, critique, or just a thumbs up! Every little piece of input is very much appreciated.

Please feel free to add to this thread (or create your own) as I would love to see a summary of our combined AutoModeler crew efforts for 2022.

Cheers, D


What a cracking year you’ve had, D! :slightly_smiling_face:

congratulations on 10 mighty fine builds completed. :champagne: :clinking_glasses:

although you didn’t hit your target of 12, it far surpasses my meager efforts of just 2 :sweat_smile:

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Thanks Russ, like I said I’m really pleased with what I have achieved, more so with the skills development than the completed numbers.

Quality over quantity, applies to your year as well mate!

Cheers, D

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Those were some fantastic builds. It was a true joy to follow as they progressed. Thank you for sharing.


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10 builds across the finish line. Now that’s impressive for sure. If I have to pick one and only one as my personal favorite, it’s gotta be the DB5 being a huge Bond fan all these years, and you just don’t see any Aston Martin’s these days in model form.

Believe me, my list for the year doesn’t come close. So it should be an easy task for me.



@justsendit . thanks Mike, your input along the way was much appreciated.

@Joel_W, likewise mate, your constant presence and feedback is always appreciated. As I said to Russ, quality over quantity and your builds have been inspiring all the way through.
As for the DB5, I’ve got the 007 version in the stash now waiting for the right time to leap on to the bench, and it has both the Bond and Odd-Job figures in there as well!

Cheers, D


Some great builds there. Loved the fire Jeep … that came out perfecto …

Great builds all them Damian. If we’re nominating a favourite build, mine would be the fire engine Jeep, great detail in that one and something quite different.


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Some really nice builds there, D. I like them all.


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