2023 - Year In Review (AussieReg)

G’day fellow styrenoholics! It really doesnt seem like 12 months ago I posted my “2022 Year In Review” and looking back over that thread the builds seem like last week :rofl:

2022 - Year in Review - Automotive - KitMaker Network

Anyway, here we are again with a week or so to go and no prospect of anything further being completed. My mission statement for this year was simple, “2023 War on WIP!” and my stretch target was to complete 1 build per month along the way. End result was ok, I managed to clear 8 builds from the WIP list. There is one more WIP victim at about 95% as well, the Revell 1/28 Sopwith Camel is at rigging stage now. I also started and completed my first 1/35 kit for the Convoy Group Build.
Me being me and completely unable to avoid squirrels, I added 2 more to the WIP list along the way ('65 Foose Impala and '57 Corvette), but the nett result of -6 on the WIP list works for me :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

Enough rambling, here’s my 2023 Year In Review (with month of completion) :grin:

Monogram 1/24 '56 Corvette (January)

Italeri 1/24 Opel Blitz Fire Truck (March)

Hasegawa 1/48 P-47 Razorback Dual Build (April)

Revell 1/25 '57 Chevy El Nomado (May)

Italeri 1/35 Chevy CCKW Water Tanker (June)

ICM 1/48 P-51B (July)

A couple of months here focused on the Sopwith Camel, by far the oldest WIP in my stash at somewhere around 1995 starting point :rofl:

Revell 1/25 '57 Chevy Bel Air Convertible (November)

AMT 1/25 '59 Chevy El Camino (December)

And to finish off a snapshot of where the old Camel is at . . . .

Many thanks as always to everybody who has supported my rambling posts and bench shenanigans along the way, with suggestions, advice, critique, or just a thumbs up! Every little piece of input is very much appreciated.

Please feel free to add to this thread (or create your own) as I would love to see a summary of our combined AutoModeler crew efforts for 2023.

Cheers, D


Lots of good looking builds Damian. :+1::+1:


Thanks Ryan, much appreciated! Trying to improve a little with each build and learn new techniques, but mainly just relax and enjoy.

Have a great Christmas mate.

Cheers, D


That is what the hobby should be and your winning at that.

Merry Christmas, look forward to your 2024 builds.


A very nice collection indeed!


Wow! Excellent builds, all of them. You had a great year! Merry Christmas and have fun modeling in 2024!


Love the beautiful paint on the Vette and the Chevy and the dirt and wear on the water truck


Excellent work there.
Great resolution for the new year: build more kits especially the shelf queens


What a lovely collection you have done this year, D! You’ve been quite busy and successful on clearing your WIP. I like especially these turquoise and yellow colour dots :+1: