3D HEMTT A4 Conversion Parts in the Works

I’m kind of in the same boat but opposite situation - I spend my allowance $60 - $100 at a time on kits and supplies, but never have the $400 to get into 3D printing!

Benefit of 3d printing is that your time and imagination to design something is your limit.

Buying a 3d printer is the best investment I made regarding modelbuilding.


Re: CAD_user: At the risk of this having already been posted here earlier - this linked article may offer some small bit of assistance as to the crane.

The A4 and M1075A1 next to each other.
Now to figure out what is different about a M1074A1 and M1075A1, seems to be more then the MHC only, on the right side the large fuel tank is not mounted above the toolbox on a M1074A1.


In my time I have seen two styles of fuel talks on the PLS, but that did not matter when it came to the nomenclature. The thing that separates the two trucks is the crane I was signed for a M1075 that I used to haul around my FRS, and it had no crane. Now I could very well be wrong and am always willing to be shown that so please if somebody knows correct away.


PDF-document from Oshkosh

I’m looking my ass off to find what division or brigade drives these M1074A1, so I mail them in the hope they can provide me with pictures.

But as a European its to that easy to figure all this out, or get a response from anyone (army related) in the USA.

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If you are talking about the circled tank below, I believe it is an additional hydraulic fluid reservoir.

The fuel tank is the squarer tank on the driver’s side.

It looks like not all M1074A1 and M1075A1s have the extra reservoir though.

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The guys of Midwest Military Equipment say in the M1075A1 video its a extra fuel tank.

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Maybe it is then. That could be why some don’t have it.

I sure hope they are fuel tanks or there are some trucks running around with some serious issues.

I would reach out to 18bravo on this site he has an ungodly number of pics. Or just shoot out an all call to the people that are here they have never failed me.


The boys:


And we got a M1074A1 also:

Its a prototype MHC, going to add some more details.
The crane from the Italeri kit can be used.
I don’t know if Trumpeter has kits with a crane.


Looking good.

The only Trumpeter kit w/a crane is the M984A2 Wrecker. It could be used, but most of the rest of the kit would not be used on an M1074 or M1074A1.

I used the Italeri crane on my M1074.

That Italeri crane needs some work …
Maybe consider designing a replacement?

Not hard to add details and improve it.

Has anyone here tried ordering the crane sprue from the Trumpeter M984 kit, from Trumpeter?

Unfortunately, the Trumpeter M984 crane is not on one sprue. The crane parts are spread across five sprues, each costing about $15, plus shipping from Hobby DNA (hobbydna.com), Trumpeter’s spare parts sales site. You could almost buy the whole M984 kit for about the same amount.

The Italeri sprue w/crane and cargo bed parts can be ordered from Italeri (italeri.com//en/contacts) for about 10 Euros, shipped. The above link shows how to detail it quite well.

The MHC fits perfectly, and hight is spot on in my own opinion:

Designed a winch above the cargo box also, still need to add details to the other side.

The base of the MHC is already upgraded with details ect.
Printing (again) on Monday…

Before anyone notice it, yes the roof of the cabin is slightly higher (1mm) because I want it to be easy to remove so I can look inside the cabin. And for IPMS reasons, maybe I enter a contest one day. Lol