3D prints and CADs Part 2 - by petition2God

So I’ve decided to build a 1/35 OG M1 Abrams tank with 105mm gun, using various spare parts from several different kits, as well as to finish my WIP M1 IP (improved performance) tank, which I started like 3 years ago…

While doing so, I’ve realized that the rear grill armor(?) of many plastic Abrams kits do not look that great (likely due to the thinness limitation in injection molding technology) or there is a lack of it (in my case of the ancient ESCI kit I am using). I found it interesting that no AM vendors attacked these.
Reference photo:

So I’ve CADed them and 3D printed them over the weekend:

Comparing their thickness to RFM M1A1’s grill armor:

Superglued them onto the ESCI kit part:

Compared to the good ol’ Tamiya grill. Please excuse the shiny reflections in the middle - superglue is still being dried.

More mounted photos:

Another nice thing about these is I can potentially bend those plates in CAD to depict more of a damaged look. This is a rough attempt:

And try to look like something below:

Thanks for looking.


The only company I know that tried for a grill only set is Limes/Rescue Models.

Eduard had this fund torture device.

Enough about them, that is some really nice printing. Your thinnest to date I believe. :+1::+1:


Thank you, Ryan. O, I wasn’t aware of the Limes/Rescue offering. The laser cut cardboard still looks a bit thick.
And Eduard… Not worth the hassle in my opinion.
These 3D prints are the time-saver! My “thinnest” - I need to work out a bit more to lose all that winter fatty belly. :smiley:

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Started something new. A rough draft CAD so far:


M60 series rear bustle rack?

We all know how painful it is to make those bustle racks for M60A1-3. It would save a lot of time if this was made in one piece. The mesh will be tricky to 3D print though due to thinness.

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And yes, I am aware of FC Model Trend’s offering.

Not going to buy it when I can make it on my own and with less brittle resin.

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Anyone seen Feddie’s version? His parts are hit & miss accuracy-wise…

I have not seen it but, based on some of their other mesh type parts, I would not rush out and buy it. Their mesh is way over scale to compensate for potential of breakage/printability.

It’s 2D printing/cutting time~! :smiley:
So I took a break from 3D printing this weekend and finally turned on my new Cricut machine. Learned how to use Inkscape software (similar to Abode Illustrator) and made blowout panels for my IPM1 project based on 1/35 Panda’s M1 (panels 2.9mm in height) and Tamiya’s M1 kits’ (panels 2.7mm in height) measurements, using Evergreen plastic sheets. Based on some reference photos, the actual panels’ height might be closer to 2.8mm in height in 1/35 so in between the two kits’.

These are 0.5mm in thickness - my cut setting (vinyl cut) was not quite strong so they did not cut completely. I had to use an Exacto knife to take them out.

The machine looks like this:

The final product:

On top of Panda’s kit part:

As you can see, the possibilities are endless! :smiley:
Cricut is a neat machine. Much faster than 3D printers of course.

Got to make some bunnies and Easter eggrams for my children, too. :slight_smile:


Printed a whole bunch (16) of M240s to put on many [older Dragon, Italeri/Revell, etc.] Abrams 1/35 kits I have:


Nicely done. I know you have your hands full already with other stuff, but It would be nice to add some FN-MAG on mounts for IDF vehicles, like M113s and Merkavas. I have seen the IDF puts FN MAGs as the commander’s main MG instead of .50s.

Yeah, maybe in the future…


Those look great. :+1:

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Would you be willing to sell or share the STL? Or even trade some STLs?

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Good and bad this weekend.
First, bad:
Big print fail, debris punctured FEP film so the spilled resin hardened all over the UV LCD screen. Wasted several hrs of printing, then several hours for cleaning/scraping off and changed the FEP film…

Used Cricut machine to custom-make M1 Abrams side skirt part using 0.75mm Evergreen sheet:

Cricut is one cool machine!


CADded Abrams drive wheels for my personal use:

Tried to capture the inner contours and curves a bit better than any kit offerings:

Reference photo used:

I’ll post some 3D print photos later.

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Got some prints done.
First, M101A1 (which was M2A1) howitzer tires for AFV Club kit - Vietnam War version tires.

M1A1 Abrams drive wheels:

Currently working on CAD of M2A1 howitzer late “mud and snow” version of tires (WWII and Korean War type):

Other things in the pipeline:

  1. Dune Buggy in 1/35
  2. M60A1/3 turret basket
  3. M551 Sheridan (VN version) extended turret basket
  4. M4A2 Sherman wading gear

Pretty happy with the late WWII and Korean War version tire (“mud and snow” type) for M2A1 howitzer:

Next to the VN War version (rounder edges) tires:

I am going to revise the Vietnam War version a bit - the treads coming down to the sidewall may be too long. I am going to shorten it just a bit.

Reference photos

My 3D print:

OK, CAD revised. Planning to 3D print with some M113 drivetrains (i.e., sprockets, drive wheels, and idler wheels) later:


113A2/3 drive wheel and sprocket CADs WIP:

Sprocket CAD is being worked on by @Vstobinskii. Thanks to him!
Teeth will be revised.

I’ll work on the idler wheel later.

Reference photos used:

This sprocket is to be used with the newer T150 track.

3D print photos coming soon.

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