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New #Miniart Kit Coming Soon: 49016 WOODEN PALLETS SET Scale 1:48

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It looks far better than the Gecko stuff that I’ve seen a few days ago !!!
Really looking like European pallets.

Yup, they are scaled down versions of their 1/35 pallet set, which are Euro pallets. They are easy to convert to larger US pallets though. I did it when I was building my M871 trailer.

M871 30’ Flatbed Trailer Conversion - Armor/AFV / Modern - KitMaker Network

Pallet kit. Coming soon to a hobby shop near you. Many scales available:

  • Some assembly required.

For those that don’t like wood.

I managed to miss the whole thread last year. I must have been away. I did watch the video but gather from the comments he scores the plastic. I like to save time - instead of scoring I run the plastic over a piece of 120 grit sandpaper, making little jukes in each direction to replicate grain that is not all striaght and parallel. From my scratch built 1/72 7 ton trailer:

As for the pallet set, the same comments apply to this set that applied to the 1/35 set when it was released:

HermannB was correct in stating these would not be suitable for WWII. Certainly not for the US as ours were 48 inche square at the time,
My own comments regard more modern pallets. Epal didn’t even exist in WWII. And four way entry pallets didn’t come around until 1945.
So these are great for modern usage - that’s about it. They’re not of US design either, nor are they well suited for them. US pallets have upright supporting spars.
I worked in a factory in Berlin after the first time I left the Army. Even though the outer dimensions are now standardized, the size and number of slats on top can vary quite a bit. If you make your own you can vary them the way you please. The DR pallets were always of inferior quality and featured broken and missing slats. Some barely deserved to be called pallets.


Good job Rob. I can almost smell the sawdust. :grin:

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Yes he did. As I recall he did it afterwords. I used a harbor freight wire pencil to score before cutting. I like the sandpaper option if a wire brush/pencil is not handy. :+1: