8 Wheelers from 1965 - to Present

Group Build Title: 8 Wheelers from 1965
Group Build Leader(s): @Johnnych01

Group Build Description: Any 8 wheeled military vehicle from any nation and any arm of the Military.
The 8 wheels must be as single stations as per the Stryker or BTR 60 chassis style.
Must be in service from or just before 1965.
12 month build time from Jan 2022.
Any Scale.
Only new builds, no pre started.
Any Nation.
Any type of platform so, SPGs, Radar wagons, Tractor units, fire tenders, APCs, Gun Platforms, ATGW, Ambulance, Recovery, various Missile Launcher platforms … etc etc - see link below for ideas
Why 1965 ? Its my birth year so why not lol. :grin:
After market and scratch building welcomed as are Dios but they are not essential.
I am open to suggestions ref certain areas or looking at individual specifics.
As many pictures as you can post during the build and an initial shot of the kit before the start.
And to enjoy and learn from the build and others.

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8 Wheeler Group Build
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Nice Link. No.37 is a bit of a concern though… :roll_eyes:

Methinks there should be a pic of the Mk VI there, not the Mk II…

And some of those ICBM carriers have a tad more than 8 wheels…

I did notice a few dubious ones like the T18 and the 8 Rad and 234 lol. There are some decent ones in there to look at though. I have a LAV III and will be getting a LAV AD this month so not sure what I will end up doing … I do fancy a Russian truck based wagon though so will have to have a look around for any offers.

I’m along with a huge Russian fire truck.


I would expect nothing less Sir lol :grin:
And thanks for the tip on the LAV AD

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I’m leaning toward the Trumpeter Rooikat myself, but who knows where my head will be at next year.

Im sure you will impress with whatever you bring to the table @petbat :+1:

Its also good to see others hitting the vote to join button on the poll… thats a good addition.

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New plan … :grin:
Image from online public source and for reference only

Have been reading some reviews about this Zvezda beast ( well 1 as the rest were in German) and it looks pretty good and not expensive … And its big … 355mm length


Now that’s a nice little about-towner to take to the market - park it ANYWHERE you want!

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LOL … whos going to argue ?? :thinking:

On a serious note, it looks really nice from the review and compared to some of the bigger Russian kits from Trumpy going for £80 + these seems a bit of a steal for £43 from Mr Bezo and his firm lol

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She does look nice. I am going to go radical and build a LAV from the stash so stop trying to tempt me with cheap Russian armor kits.


Here’s a photo of the little beauty I’ll be building. Now THAT"S a fire truck!

Going to finish it exactly like that too - red with the white trim.


That looks ridiculously big … but its going to look damn impressive … Nice choice :+1: :+1:

Its a 12 month build so I will do the LAV AD I am about to order to so you’re not alone Ryan :grinning:


I am in - either the BTR family or the LAV family of vehicles. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome to the madness Jesper :+1:

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I am interested… still have 2 LAVs left :grinning:
But also have 2 BTR’s , a Boxer, 2 Humveee’s (or does that not count as 8 wheels), 3 Strykers, a M977 HEMT, a Pantsir and a MAZ 543 SCUD… I’ll see how I feel in January…


Bert, will be great if you can join in. It will be no to the Humvees, the kit has to have one chassis with 8 wheel stations. On a personal note I would love to see the MAZ SCUD or the Boxer :+1:

I’m interested, but I’m not a armor guy so I don’t know all the differences. You list the LAV-25 and the LAV III. I’ve got an old AMT LAV-AT, I’m not sure if it ever actually went into service or not. Does it qualify?