Oshkosh MTVR truck types

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Just wanted to show a lessor known 8 Wheeler built by Oshkosh. The S-B-S is somewhere back in the archives.

Offered to the Marines but they did not seem interested. A few however, have been sold to our European Allies. (To my knowledge no official designation number was ever assigned to this vehicle. Oshkosh built them totally on spec.)

The vehicle is based on the Marine Mark 23 heavy truck but with an extended frame and O-k’s modular TAK-4 axle structure plus a stock LHS container system.



It took two Mark 23 kits and one HEMTT LHS plus a container to build this model but I assure you NOTHING was wasted out of any of those kits. Right off the bat you can build this shorty Oshkosh (also Experimental) 4x4 called the “TerraMax” with the left over parts!

autowp.ru_oshkosh_mtvr_4x4_short_bed_cargo_1CROP_sm IMG_7993Xsm


Well of course I would agree these should be production kits but in truth the military has never accepted them as anything other than experimental vehicles to be tested.
There is also a shortened 6x6 semi-tractor version that the Brits seem very happy with.

Thanks guys!

The tractor version has been fielded by the USN and USMC. It is the Mk31 MTVR Tractor.


Here is my Mark 31 album - so far!



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Of note, the bottom 3 are not the US Mk31 MTVR Tractor, but the British version which is slightly different. It is called the Wheeled Tanker Tractor by the Brits. Aside from the rear wheel covers, it has a longer cab with a two-bunk sleeper. More info on it here:

Here is a build review of the Trumpeter Mk23 truck at the old Armorama.

Unfortunately all the in-progress pics are gone. Here is how it turned out.

mtvr 3

There are more completed pics in the discussion topic.

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Good to learn that the Mark 31 has been accepted into service. Of the photos above those with the rear fenders are built to British specs.

The MK 36 wrecker still brings a smile to my face


What size is that ISO shipping container? Is it a 20-footer or a 40-footer?

They’re putting “Missiles and sensors in a box” so if a 40-foot container (I doubt that it is), then the Mark 41 VLS can be loaded and hauled easy! If a 20-footer, then ECM, jammers, radar, C-UAS, and cyber can be hauled. Even SAMs, JQL/JAGM, and SHORADS can be hauled this way! :grinning:

If I were the Marines, I’d definitely be interested in acquiring the S-B-S. What is this truck called now?

I think that the Marines can use the LVSR 10x10, but the LVSR seems heavier, longer, and larger and there are more MTVRs than LVSRs in a MEU.

Great job on the conversion! :grinning:

20’ max Container size on the MTVR experimental 8x8.
Oshkosh also fielded a 3 axle experimental 20’ version as well.

The max load length any LHS (M1120 LHS, M1074/75 PLS, Oshkosh 6x6 and 8x8 MTVR LHS, British DROPS, etc.) is designed to carry is a 20’ flatrack or a 20’ ISO container.

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Here is the link to the original build blog covering both the Oshkosh 8x8 LHS and the experimental 4x4 TeraMax:
It looks like all the photos did make it through the Archiving process!

The Mark 23 kit is a GREAT one right out of the box! A super well engineered model!

There is also an extended chassis version of the Mk 23 if anyone is in the mood for doing a little chop job. As for the Mk 31 semi-tractor, I might have to do one of those for myself!

Oshkosh Mk 27 XL: Extended frame vehicle.

Two winch options: See your friendly local Oshkosh dealer for prices and option availability.


Or just go for the full out Mk 36 wrecker version: Allow additional 15 week lead time when ordering the Mk 36 option.
mtvr_gopixpic8 Mk36_rcsadmedia

Frame stiffeners are required on both the Mk 27/28 XL and on the 8x8 LHS versions:
mwss_472_det_b_cgi_march_1_059_446 MCC_SM

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Nice. The extended version is the Mk 27 w/o winch and M28 w/winch.

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The Oshkosh designed TAK-4 axle station:
Any axle can be powered/unpowered; steerable or fixed.

Oshkosh TAK-4 suspension

I wonder if any of these extended MTVRs will be purchased to transport hypersonic missiles.

Well as soon as the US possesses a production hyper-sonic missile I imagine these vehicles might be of consideration. However if we are talking an ICBM then most likely something larger might be required.

I am sure that Oshkosh would be happy to accommodate the US military with a 12x12 or 16x16 wheeled road worthy mobile TEL vehicle.

It might be good for the Russians and Chinese to see the US fielding mobile ICBM launchers for a change? Can we as yet do an ICBM in a 40 foot shipping container? Hey Brandon, even if we can’t I would sure as ell make them think we have them!

Sorry ~ it has been a while since I posted here. ~ Been concentrating on Railroad Modeling to be honest.

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Cool looking beast

I’ve visited Oshkosh a couple times, and they do everything on a modular system. You want a 40 foot truck, and they’ll build it. Stewart & Stephenson is the other big player. They can do bigger things than the other. Think of an all wheel drive fire truck chassis converted to haul about anything you can imagine. Both groups are great people to work with I might add.