A new A10 is on the way!

See where GWH is doing a 1/48th A10, and knowing GWH it will be a good kit


can you give us a link to that gary?

I have not seen that - it would be nice to see. GWH generally produces in high quality.

GWH? I’m not familiar with company name?

GWH - Great Wall Hobby

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I saw it on one of the other modeling forums listed with two other kits from them. One is a Mig29 9:12 late, and the other is a Pearl Harbor P40b. Somebody else is doing a Devistator from WWII in 32nd scale. That P40 is extremely nice! May well be the kit of the year for 2022


Saw this on another site,thats all the poster gave us.

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Super nice! Looking forward to see more :slight_smile:

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Pumped for this release, I only own one GWH kit, their F-15E strike eagle, but if this is as good as that one I will be picking up the A-10 for sure

I heard chat that people say it will be one of the best A10 kits on the market.
It’s supposedly going to have the accurate shaped nose missing on some kits and also the engines are shown better in that the fans are deeper in the nacelles than some kits, so more accurate.
Was supposed to be released in 2023, guess that has slid somewhat.