Academy T-34/85

I know that the turret of the kit is supposed to be way too rough, but how is the kit otherwise?

Armorama: Academy T-34-85 review


A) My impression based on what I’ve read is the Academy kit is roughly on par with a Dragon T-34-85.

B) If you like a lot of parts and building MiniArt is probably worth a look. Myself, I like Ryefield’s T-34-85 best out of the ones I’ve built (Ryefield, Tamiya & Dragon). I didn’t like the tracks in the RFM kit and replaced them with Fruilmodel’s.

C) I don’t consider either the Academy or Dragon 1/35 T-34-85 kit desirable.



Decent for a price around 30-40$.

Tracks, wheels, suspension are nice. Details all over are a bit on the soft side.

The turret needs to have the surface reworked, as previously mentioned, but fit overall is nice.

I built the kit for the T34/85 campaign with some extra details from other kits

If you have time browse through the campaign topic to see some more builds of the Academy kit and comments on it


If it is a viable version, that is fine. I want to build a defeated, cast aside unit for the Korean War, shoved into a ditch, rather than a unit in its glory.

You should be fine then

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Lots of good photos out there of knocked out T-34’s in Korea.

I copied one as close to a photo as I could. It would be easier these days to use one that already had the suspension components in the kit.