Ads on Kit Maker sites

Yes, I know but I had the sound off and was busy trying to click the image capture commands. Then I never saw it replayed again. So, I don’t know :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, it played again. It’s a Toyota ad

I haven’t been excited about ads in a very long time. This is the complete reel :movie_camera:(if it the link works) :film_strip:

Never mind, it didn’t work :skull:link :skull_and_crossbones:


LOL :laughing::rofl::joy::joy_cat::laughing: this ad might be hitting the target audience…


Not the blonde?

I don’t think the thickness of the nail bothers most seniors trying to cut their toenails. It’s the thickness of their guts.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :+1:

Have you see the thickness, some nails are, the podiatrist, who I occasionally work for uses a dremal regularly , and when I was an medic in my unit, some of those fungal infections, were mean.

:face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

Best ad yet, :clap:

I like McAllister’s and their southern style sweet ice tea! This ad reached a member of the target audience!


There’s one a few miles from me. M y wife gets the fifty/fifty all the time. I might luck out and get half of her sandwich if she can’t finish it for lunch.

The mental images though …
@18bravo sitting there with wide open eyes following the sandwich in his wifes hand every bite she takes. Looking hopefully at the sandwich, inwardly sad for every bite that disappears, seeing how it gets smaller and smaller and smaller …
Until finally she has had enough of the sandwich or maybe those wide open begging eyes and hands him the last bit of sandwich …
:innocent: :grin:

Which - absurdly - reminds me of ads I’ve been getting:

Clearly aimed at our Working Cocker, “Wren” (no, I don’t know why he’s called that either):


Puppy eyes?


No, that would be Molly. If my wife brings anything home she’s done with it. Molly, however, thinks that everything we eat should be shared with her. And she usually wins.


Dog versus living room table with glass top.
A friend of mine attended a birthday party for one of his friends or relatives.
They had a big black Newfoundlander who had learned not to beg at the table.
The dog was under the table, observing the “proceedings” through the glass top.
My freind leaned over the table to cut himself a slice of the cake, being a tad clumsy
managed to drop that slice halfway to his plate. The slice hurtled downwards, straight
towards the dog who realised that this opportunity to have some cake was simply to
good to let slip away. He jumps up to snatch that glorious slice of cake out of the air.
The whole table shook, the dog whined and left the room.
My friend called the dog owners some weeks later and they told him that the poor
dog was still giving that evil table dark looks …


Some how, thats what the wife says I do.
But i have competition.

Labour/ newfoundland mix, both greedy breeds.

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Brilliant! Just brilliant.

A couple of days ago my son’s gf was enjoying a bowl of ice cream. Pooch decided this wasn’t acceptable if he couldn’t have any, so while she momentarily left the room he came up with a cunning plan…


We were able to train the GSD early not to beg and she would lay outside the kitchen looking in. She would wait til we left the house or went to bed and dump the garbage can to get at the bones. So we were trained to take them outside after dinner. :crazy_face:

Our cats are the worst, personal space is a foreign concept to them and they don’t listen. Typically they are fed first then we can usually eat in peace otherwise lots of knife hand action or standing to eat.


The trouble cats go through to train their humans properly …

Edit: See post below for an example :grin: