Ads on Kit Maker sites

Speaking of obnoxious cat’s…Kali is a hamburger connoisseur.

She will ignore McDonald’s, refuse to eat it if its given to her. Won’t touch White Castle either. However, she’ll snatch the patty out of your Wendy’s, Culver’s or Rally’s in the blink of an eye and take off with the whole patty.

She immediately gets aggressive when a Rally burger comes in the house. Bye to the tame house cat and say hello to a wild predator.

Rally’s is her favorite :heart_eyes:

Didn’t matter if she’s been fed first or not…reached the point of very annoying…solution just get a double so she could have a burger as well. She been that way since I rescued her as an abandoned stray years ago.


:rofl: cats aren’t supposed to like sweets but yet my black cat has licked the top off many a cupcake or cake. Animals are weird.

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:rofl:… Must’ve been a very picky dumpster-diver before being rescued. :hamburger::smirk_cat:


PS: Tip of the month: Airbrush all your models with 75% McDonald’s grease. That’s bound to keep Kali away from doing any kit vandalism! … Of course, you’ll need to pre-grease any unbuilt kits. And just think of how easily decals will sliiiiiiide into place!

You’re welcome! :grin:


And the hits keep coming. They know my spending habits even though I never look at the Sprouts site.

I guess that’s why Shou Zi Chew got grilled so intensely.

Nice to have your own personal SPG!


Totally random and unintentional interaction between a post and the ad that Google decided
that I needed to see at that precise moment:


It’s called “creating a revenue stream.”

As was said earlier this advertisement torture system helps keep the KitMaker site alive.

I have it on good authority that one of the benefits of becoming a Patron to the site is:

No More Ads.

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True that. And that’s exactly why I’m re-upping tomorrow.:heavy_dollar_sign:

—mike :smile:

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The Freudian ads

Is my stash too frickin big?


One of my current favorite Kit makers ads…

This one is pretty cute as well…


hmmm, why do I suddenly feel discriminated against …

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Well that’s a whole different meaning of “model”!

Got some ads for some rather amusing, and perhaps fitting, T-shirts today:


I’ll have to check if they have my size …


I still get useful ads on this site:

As for funny shirts - I got a kick out of this one a few weeks ago:

Honk if you have never seen a gun fired from a motorcycle.


Post those Best Ad’s with Black Friday upon us…


I don’t know what kind of a racket the admins run here ….:crazy_face::crazy_face:


Most people: getting ads for various “conventional” things
This guy: **155mm Howitzers in your area are looking for a new crew member"


Awesome holiday ad…

I know at first glance that looks fantastic. Trust me, brother. It is not.
My friend Roy and I met two gals one night in Berlin. He had not yet learned any German. One of the girls was built just like that, wearig a fuzzy red sweater. I chose her. Without a word from Roy, we handed our spare helmets to the gals and off we rode. We ended at up the other girl’s apartment. When my gal unleashed those beasts I was horrified. I woman’s nipples have no place down in her armpit. I never saw that girl again after that night. Roy moved in with his girl Elizabeth days later, they got married, had kids. He learned German.
There’s a reason I have an Asian wife…


BBJ (Bad Boob Job)?

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