African Nations - Land, Sea, Air or Elephant platforms- Friend or Foe

I was considering an AMX-13 as well but was gonna do mine up as an Israeli variant from the Suez crisis

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I’m fine with the no time frame idea!

An elephant at Zama would be very cool.

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If you have the Takom kit and want to make it more accurate, check out Olivier’s @Bison126 thread if you have not already:

Not sure when the hull riser was added, but the road wheels in the kit are welded type and the Israeli’s were bolted. The one on display at Latrun is not an ex-Israeli one…

“An elephant at Zama would be very cool.”
And you can even get one as a plastic kit!



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This set my mind back to when I first read Wilbur Smith’s “Shout at the Devil” which has a fictionalized SMS Königsberg in it.

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I’m in. Just to decide which model I’ll enter as I have many which comply with the rules.

For an Israeli AMX 13 except the platform and the protections over the rear grilles, all the mods I did on my model are necessary. For the turret you need to build it without the dust cover. You do not need to add the IDF specific parts provided by Takom. And you’ll have to modify the auxiliary sights and use US type antennas.


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I have been itching for an Egiptian Air Force F-4E for a looooong time. Maybe this gives me a nudge.

Im thinking along the lines of a T54/55 repurposed or captured by one of the lesser known African countries and thats got everything hanging off it and held together by rust … of something from one of the French (armoured/vehicle) actions …

Not many of them to choose from is there?? :joy:

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I’m in! No idea what yet, but I’ve got time to think about it.

Love the ‘Elephant Platforms’ in the title now. :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:


I’m not actually sure how to assess these now. There are a few folks who have expressed interest but haven’t clicked accept on the invite thingie. I’m sort of fine with that, but is that how we are supposed to formally assess we’ll have 10 participants?

Phil, I don’t think 10 is the magic number anymore. Going back to what Richard - gulfwarrior talked about a while ago on another possible group build was to throw the idea out there, and as long as about 5 or more showed interest, then it was good to go … I think you’ll be safe and as is the case with other builds, people will still jump on once it gets started

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That works for me!

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Sorry Phil. I didn’t realise you had set up the event RSVP thingy…Just did that, so and you have 9 confirmed going. Once the build starts, people will join - that is always the case…

Sure I’ll join. I’ve been meaning to do a M4-AMX13 hybrid so this is a good excuse.

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I was no. 10, so I guess we are good to go. :slight_smile:

I am super tempted by an Egyptian Mig-21, but actually a lot of choices. There are also quite a lot of cool armor subjects even if not including WWII.

Looking forward to it! :sunglasses: :+1:t2:

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I had a look in the stash at the weekend and found a Meng Fiat G91 with markings for a Portuguese aircraft over Mozambique. Think I’ll do that.

The hardest part of this campaign is choosing something to build. The only suitable thing in my stash is a Panzer II but I want to take the opportunity to build something new. There are so many options though, and many of them interest me quite a bit.

This is very true. I wanted to build some N Africa campaign in WW2 thing but the more things people talk about the more interesting options appear.