AFV Club Sd. Kfz. 11

What is that?

He means enamel paint…


How did you end up on the FAMO you were doing mate? Did you finish it in the end?

I built that folded top out of paper and plastic rod. (Not my best work.)

As I recall the model comes with a nicely folded top all tucked into its’ boot cover. I figure the only time the troops would ever fold it away like that would be for a parade or some sort of high ranking inspection. Certainly not during combat use,

Here is a similar after market resin folded top available for the Famo. (Sorry for the soft focus here.)

FYI ~ the highlighting (dark lighting actually) was done with a couple of brush on transparent washes (shaders) from a company called Citadel. (Usually available in the Fantasy / Dungeons and Dragons type hobby shops.)

I used their Black Shader (called Nuln Oil) for the road wheels and their Sepia Shader for the cloth top.

I highly recommend both these products!

My son the Fantasy Figure painter calls this stuff “Experience in a Bottle.”

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Armorama links to overviews of these Citadel Shaders and samples of their usage:

For Armor:

For Structures and wood decking:

Here is an example of a one piece resin vehicle load:

I sprayed the whole thing with Tamiya dark yellow (rattle can) and after that I went after everything with the Citadel black and sepia shaders. The only thing that has any other paint color on it it that dark greenish bed roll, (Then again gone over with even more of the black shader.)


Same with all the other loose crates and sacks in this photo.

EXAMPLE: Color/Shade difference between Model Masters “Africa Mustard” and Tamiya’s “Dark Yellow.”

Halftrack is in Mustard and Telemeter is in Dark Yellow.

(Photo color balance is fairly accurate here.)

Photographers often view even color photos in terms of their “gray values”. This because at dusk and at night humans tend to use the B&W receptors in their eyes more than the color even though we may not be aware of this.

In this B&W photo you can see that the “gray values” of the vehicle closely approximate the gray-values of the surrounding countryside. Therefore confirming that this vehicle color choice is a good match for the environment surrounding it.

p.s. This doesn’t always work however! ~ I once painted a TV camera card with bright orange artwork on a medium lite blue background field. It looked wonderful on the color monitors but when converted to B&W (as the majority of the audience back then still did not have color TVs.) the gray values of the orange and the blue colors were almost identical and the artwork totally disappeared from view. This sort of being a reverse lesson in the art of camouflage!

I have made notes and points of the information and in a later stage of the project I will come to these sources of information as well.

Please keep the topic limited to the Sd. Kfz. 11 of AFV Club, because that helps me to keep overview of the whole project and topic.

Thank you in advance.

That looks like a very substantial artillery range-finder.

At what formation level would an article of equipment like that have been deployed?

That thing was used to coordinate a flak 88 battery as anti air defense. The information would be sent to each gun compensating for their position.

But back to the sd.Kfz 11. there are some fit issues so look at pictures and completed models to fit everything, and you may find some panels oversized slightly mainly in the back section.

Thanks for the advice, but i’m not building it.

Yes, shown in the photo is the German Telemeter, consisting of a long rangefinder cross tube atop a mechanical target tracking/fire control computer. This unit could control up to 5 Flak 88 guns to concentrate on and track a single target aircraft for devastating results.

The Telemeter actually took a specialized vehicle for transport as the long rangefinder tube was a delicate instrument that required dismounting from the assembly to then be carried in a special cushioned case.

(This split-seat halftrack variant is available as a resin conversion kit from Panzer Concepts in 1/35th resin.)

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More info on the Telemeter KDO Mod. 40 from Bronco, as seen in the archives.

Probably a more realistic pairing is my Sd. Kfz. 11 with my Sig. as an artillery tractor.

Following with interest, I love German half tracks! Have a few in the stash and want to add an SWS

@Khouli May I remind you kindly that this is a topic about the Sd. Kfz. 11 I’m building?
I would appreciate it if you keep on the topic.

@165thspc Thank you for all the examples, that is some usefull information.

@Smorchan Thank you for the tips, I have written it down.

Update on the project: I’m still in the early study phase of the project. I have to decide how far I wanna go with my studying. My plan is to only use books. I have my reasons for this choice. But I’m not going to list them here.

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May I remind you kindly that it was a perfectly legitimate question about an item of equipment that had had a picture of it posted on this thread.

If you don’t like it, pass it over and don’t read it. You never know, you might actually learn something if you do.

Another kind of DAK camouflage from photo I did, hand-made with mud, sand and water or gasoline, maybe, with graphiti… I would write ‘lavami’ ‘wash me’ but Germans were not, perhaps, so ironical… and are we?
IMG_5262 (2)