All Things Apocalyptic and Adorable

Whoops … totally forgot about the actual date of the deadline … time for finishing touches on the Rover …


The landscaping started off like this:

Then I found a root in my box of backyard stuff that inspired the rest of the layout. I had to dig out the CelluClay to feed the “roots” through the wall opening. In the process knocked a rock off. Oops.

Then began the layering process. Earth from the garden (which I believe is trademarked by Uncle Night Shift…credit where credit due), rocks, static grass, ground up leaves, etc.

Here is a detail of the vine work. The leaves were pulled off AK Plantane Foliage and individually glued to another root from the garden.

More to follow…


For a moment I thought your bridge had been a victim of National Highways…
Burying of Victorian bridge in Cumbria must be reversed, says council | Cumbria | The Guardian



So all the bridge needed was a repoint? Goodness me, talk about an overkill solution.


Love the way this zombie/undead scene is taking shape Evan @Evan … The arch and groundwork look superb…very well done :+1:

Lots of effort going into this build Doug @Damraska and it’s one of those that you can just keep adding parts to… Let the imagination go wild … Should be pretty impressive…

Calling the post apocalypse land rover done
The hobbyboss kits are pretty good and definitely worth a look. I intend getting the 110 and probably the MILAN version to do in the future.

Added a fabricated outer cover for the rear roll cage/MG mount and also a windscreen for the driver and enclosed the drivers compartment.
Added a winch to the front. Fun little build and looks ok on the base.

Tried to add some different coloured areas to give the feeling it had been knocked up using odds and sods that were found lying around


Robot thing now has a turret…

Turret armament includes an auto cannon for destroying lightly armored targets, a M2 heavy machine gun for destroying unarmored vehicles, and six missiles for use against fully armored targets. The inside front of the turret holds ammunition for the M2. The inside back of the turret holds ammunition for the auto cannon. The box on top of the turret holds one set of sensors and a secondary control computer.

@Evan The painting and set decoration work on that tunnel facade is excellent. It really looks the part.

@Johnnych01 The amount of detail packed into that small model is very impressive. I really like how it turned out.


Real nice job on your apocalyptic beast. When the apocalypse comes - which according to a fellow I passed by the other day, is five years from now next Tuesday - I want your ride!


Did he say morning or afternoon?


Robot thing can walk…

Building 6 identical assemblies out of sheet plastic using a pencil and ruler is quite challenging. Each leg is equipped with three anti-personnel mine blocks for close in defense. Total height is 5 or 6 feet. All legs still need hydraulic actuators and feet because ground pressure is a thing.


He didn’t specify. :man_shrugging:

But I am suddenly reminded of a humorous moment sometime back in the mid 80’s. This IS a true story. It was a beautiful Spring afternoon and I was walking along downtown when I saw this rather large man (6’2"ish, easily pushing 300lbs, with an impressesive belly) walking in my directions. At the top of his baritone lungs he was soliciting for “32 cents for a bottle of wine. I need 32 more cents for a bottle of wine.”

As we can within conversational distance, he asks me straight up for 32 cents. I inquired if it might be better to spend it on something to eat, even though he was obviously well fed. He responded, “Well, son, I’d be lying to you, wouldn’t I”. To which I responded, “I admire your honesty, here’s a loonie (dollar coin in Canada), have fun!”

He thanked me, and carried on bellowing, “32 cents, I need 32 cents for a bottle of wine.” Made my day.


Johnny: that turned out really well. Nice work.

Doug: interesting walker.

Happy Modeling!

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Calling it done. Here are the final shots. I left the static grass unpainted, and used some “unnatural” greens to give a more fantasy feel. AK terrain pastes were used on the ground work including their muddy, and wet mud terrain products. The idea is that this poor sod was biten in the war against the zombies and stuck under the bridge. Nature decided to use him for fertilizer. He finally broke loose. I attemped to wrap the roots around him with some success. As the roots were more brittle that expected, a few of them snapped. I probably should have soaked them first to make them more pliable. Oh well, next time. Enjoy.


Very nice blending of structure with vegetation and zombie! The zombie is practically camouflaged! Neat!


That is a very cleverly planned and executed little Dio. Great balance between the zombie and how the background was built up. Very nice work.


Beautiful work - looks great and as realistic as a zombie can be :+1:t2::slightly_smiling_face:


@Johnnych01 @Trisaw @SGTJKJ @petbat , and everyone else who chimed in,
thank you for your kind words. Coming from such fine builders as yourselves means a lot. In all honesty, I’m a little taken aback by the reception, and somewhat flattered. Thanks again, cheers.


Robot thing is ready for paint…

This version has actuators for all the legs, dazzle lights, a flame thrower, sensors, and smoke grenade launchers. I wanted it to have spear guns but…no spear guns. The foot pads are too small but every project is a compromise, time is short, and this needs to go to paint.


I love the term “robot thing” :grin:


Robot thing is green…

Still in this. Trying to finish on time.


Finished: Mobile Area Denial Munition, Autonomous, Neutral – MADMAN

MADMAN is a a first iteration design concept for a contemporary battlefield robot for use during a total war. This unarmored machine utilizes readily available automotive and electronics components within a simple box body, driven by easy to manufacture, hydraulically actuated, sheet metal legs. Primary armament consists of one 30mm autocannon for use against lightly armored vehicles, one 0.5mm anti-material heavy machine gun for use against livestock, people, and unarmored machines, 6 multi-purpose missiles for use against aerial and fully armored targets, 18 anti-personnel mines, and a flame thrower.

MADMAN is capable of operating in three modes–remote control, autonomous with command control, and autonomous neutral. In the latter mode, a complex algorithm completely controls MADMAN movement and target acquisition. While in this mode, the machine will not accept commands from any external source such that an enemy cannot possibly usurp control using electronic warfare. MADMAN may be programmed to self destruct after a set period of time in neutral mode.

MADMAN software can run on a wide variety of entertainment and game consoles. Likewise, a wide variety of small automobile and motorcycle engines can power the machine, making mass production possible even after the loss of advanced technology centers.

MADMAN is designed to infiltrate a territory, enter neutral mode, then hunt targets from a huge database of potential enemy assets. This algorithm can identify targets from any angle under all lighting conditions. The shape recognition algorithm can see through most forms of camouflage, doing so better that 99.999% of humans.

MADMAN carries one bottle of compressed nitrogen and one bottle of fuel jelly agent. If the control algorithm deems a target, especially a building, sufficiently important, it will sacrifice some fuel, mix it with the jelly agent, and fire it as a flame thrower. In this way, a single MADMAN can quickly set a large development ablaze

When MADMAN identifies one or more targets, it performs a complex calculation to determine if weapon expenditure is warranted. The machine will then use the most effective weapon to destroy the target. MADMAN is specifically designed to kill humans, livestock, buildings, vehicles, and weapon systems so as to inflict the maximum possible damage on enemy resources before running out of fuel and munitions.

If partially disabled, small, independent computers take control of a lost leg, missile box, or turret, essentially turning that widowed component into an improvised explosive device. In this way, a single damaged MADMAN can break apart into multiple, stationary mines.

Much like allied bomber formations dropping fire bombs on cities during World War II, MADMAN is designed to break the will of an implacable enemy during a total war. It is cheap, easily mass produced, light weight, and designed to destroy the enemy with minimal risk to blue force.

We hope this proposal will be deemed worthy of further research and request 1.4 billion dollars for further development of the MADMAN program.

Thank you for your consideration.