Hi folks!
Now that my current build, a Bell P-39 Airacobra for the Land-Lease Campaign is done and the US-Cobra is close to the finish line, it’s time for another project.

My choice is the Allschutz Transport Fahrzeug Dingo 2 GE A2 PatSi from Revell Germany in 1/35. The kit came out in 2013 and was the first Dingo from Revell. Meanwhile they have the third version in their program …

… a bunch of 224 parts want to become a model …

… where the 63 steps in the intruction will hopefully lead me to …

… Revell offers 4 options for this kit (3 x Bundeswehr and 1 x Czech Forces) and I have decided for this ISAF vehicle in 2 tone Umtarnfarben Sandbeige RAL 1039 and Sandbraun RAL 8031. As you can see, I have already made some remarks about the paints to use …

… the decals are well printed by Cartograph. It’s a small sheet and not what I’m used to when I build aircraft …

… I’m not a Dingo expert but I hope these magazines will give me a helping hand from time to time …

… as I have no specific book about the Dingo I ordered this magazine from Tankograd Publishing which arrived a few days ago …

… the Dingo will be build strait oob and I think I can start with it next week. Maybe some of you guys will accompany along the way. Would appreciate it and hope to show some progress as soon as possible.

Happy modelling!
Torsten :wave:

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Nice choice, Torsten. These Revell kits are decent - especially considering the price.

Looking forward to see this one being build. :slight_smile:

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For sure I’ll accompany you :wink:
I’ve built mine some years ago. I only detailed a bit more the weapon station. I remember having some issue with the warped front doors.
Enjoy your build!


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Thanks guys! Good to have you on board. Though I haven’t started the build. Will let you know, when there’s something to show.

At our last club meeting I have ordered another Dingo (A2.3), which I hopefully get in November, that’s if we are allowed to meet in these troubled times …

Torsten :wave:

I suggest you get an AM weapon station for your Dingo A2.3. This often is the area in which Revell are not good with soft detail.
I used a Live Resin FLW 200 on my Boxer and it made the difference.


Thanks Olivier! I’ll keep that in mind.

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Tankograd also has a full color walkaround of a factory fresh Dingo. No operational photos whatsoever, but detail shots inside and out.

Thanks Gerald!

It took me longer than I thought to begin with this build but at least finally I can show you some progress. The first 9 of 63 assembly steps are made. Not much to see yet but it’s a start … :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry for the long delay in my progress postings, guys, but I had some problems with building the undercarriage of my Dingo. The instruction seems to be capable of being misunderstood in some steps and so I made a mistake with the front wheel suspension. I noticed that only when it was nearly too late to correct …

… this is my correction after painting. It’s still not completely correct but I can live with it. At least I don’t look under the skirt … :laughing:

… some more problems with the wheels. I airbrushed the tyres with Revell Anthracite but the paint crumbled off the rubber. So I had to brush paint it. It won’t be seen after I weather them a bit in the end …

… the main colour I use for the Dingo is Revell 314 Beige. It’s RAL 1001 and very close to RAL 1039 Sandbeige …

28 of 63 steps are done now. Next step will be the construction of the soldiers compartment. Hope to show you some more progress soon … :wink:

Torsten :beer:

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I never paint the rubber tires in the box. I prefer rubbing them with some steel wool to remove the shiny look and weather them with pigments. I found that doing this if you apply some paint later on it better sticks to the tires.

If I remember well the tarp over the rear compartment can be tricky to attach. Some dry fit tests can prove useful in order to determine the best sequence.


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Thanks for the hint, Olivier! I will try to remember that with my next wheeled AFV. Never had problems painting rubber tyres before though, neither with the Luchs, nor the Fuchs or my MAN 5 to truck. I will seal the wheels with Bodenglänzer (german equivalent for Future) and see how they come out. Another chance could be to mask the wheel covers and airbrush the tyres again. I’ll see …

Torsten :beer:

The modern German offerings they have new molds of since 2000 are really nice. The suspension on their wheeled vehicles are top notch.

We had our club meeting yesterday and I got my next Dingo … :slightly_smiling_face:

… which makes it 3 in total now …

… the only question now is, when should I build them … :thinking:


Does the A3 come with the gunner controls for the FLW200 weapon station?


Olivier, I believe you mean part L 216. Yes, it comes with the kit of the A3.3 …

… as for the weapons you can choose between a 12,7 mm MG and a 40 mm Granatmaschinenwaffe. As I have a GMW on my GTK Boxer, I’ll probably go with the Browning when it’s time for this kit to hit the work bench …

… unfortunatly kit 03242 is not listed in the current catalogue of Revell. You may try your luck on Ebay or Amazon. Or wait a while for the re-issue … :wink:

Torsten :beer:

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Thank you. So the joystick is present. Is the monitor in the box too? I remember that I needed to scratch build a lot to have a decent rendition of the gunner’s control for the Dingo 2A2 weapon station.


Yes, it’s part L 173 …

… but now back to my current build. A few more touch ups and the office is done … :slightly_smiling_face:

… in the middle is the gunner’s seat. Not much of all this will be seen later. At the moment I plan to keep just the driver’s door open if possible.

Torsten :beer:

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Nice job so far. The colored buttons (or lights) give a nice touch to the dashboard.

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Thanks Olivier! I found a good photo of the control lamps in that Dingo 2 magazine from Tankograd. Lots of informations about the different variants and good inside photos. A valuable reference.

After a few days I can show you some smaller progress. Have finished the doors and I also noticed what Olivier already pointed out. The rear doors are both a little warped at their window section. So I needed to persuade them when I glued the clear parts in with Micro Kristal Klear …

… the clamps did good work …

… masking the windows was a bit fiddly but after 2 ineffective attempts I made it. Had to use clamps here again over night to get the doors in place …

Hope to show you some more progress soon.

Torsten :beer:

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I’ve made some progress in the last few days and have completed the armored cell. First the underside.

… the fitting of the side parts is good after some dry testing. A final view inside …

… the inside of the roof. Not much of this, if any, will be seen when the roof is closed …

… bye bye interior! See you later alligator! :laughing:

… and the rear storage compartment. The fitting of the rear tarp is not good but this is the best result I can achieve. I hope it looks better when the paint is on …

Next steps for this weekend are primer and main paint Beige (Revell Aqua 314). Hope to show you another update soon.

Have a nice weekend!
Torsten :vulcan_salute: