Attention all gb leaders!

Dear community members,
I need your help in order to get this campaign area working as it needs to be in order to do awards and badges. If people don’t want to do awards or have a means to see what campaigns are coming up, expiring, etc. then fine I will walk away from this and go do something more productive. So to be clear either I get help from the various leaders or the moderators or ideally both or that is what I will do.

Every new campaign proposal and ALL the existing proposals need to be updated to this submission format. That means going back to your original post and spending 5 or less minutes to edit it. If you are unclear about the format we are looking for it is all spelled out here:

The old system had quirks and dos-and-don’ts and this one does as well. The only difference is that you couldn’t really start a campaign on the old site unless you got it right and this is more ‘honor system’ as a forum topic.

To make it easy I have updated the topic template for this forum so that all the headers and even bold highlights are already baked in. So if you click new topic in the “Staging Area” forum you can copy and paste that right into your starting post to get you going.

Thanks and I will be looking forward to seeing these topics meeting the guidelines. Topics that don’t meet the guidelines won’t be eligible to move forward as full campaigns because we NEED this info and format in order to do the rest of the process.


Read and understood.

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I will try to read this properly at the weekend along with the other post with a video in it.

doing it now after a 15 hour night shift will probably end up with me shouting at the computer.

I know I have 2 campaigns on the go and I will try to get them converted to the new style as soon as I get some free time.

and I realise how frustrating it can 've when people moan about stuff and then when give them what they want the all start shuffling thier feet and don’t get involved. so keep your chin up boss, Rome wasn’t built in a day :+1:


I have a couple of campaigns/group builds going and will sit down later and read through everything and see if and what needs changing to bring them all in line…
I’m not sure if the editing option will still be available if they have been going for a while though…


Like other two I will try this weekend on what needs to be done and make sure one campaign is good and Johnny didn’t mess ours up. :joy:


Ohhhh that hurts … Lucky you’re the other side of the Atlantic lol


You might want to pin this for a few days so all gb leaders will see it? I saw the topic this morning but didn’t click on it and came back to look at it now. If I had missed it earlier I might not have noticed it at all. Will check all my campaigns against these guidelines and bring them up to date where lacking.

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It’s pinned but thanks for the suggestion. :wink:

The staging forum has the option set to allow the original poster unlimited edits of the starting post so that shouldn’t be a problem.


Thanks for confirming Jim :+1:

OK. I may have meant something else. Sometimes something is pinned on the page I visit which has a column on the right of latest and it stays at the top of the latest when other things come in. Whatever that is, that is what I was suggesting, fwiw.

That’s pinning but there are different ways of pinning something to make it either stick to the top forever or only staying there until someone reads it.


I’ve updated the builds I have in the staging area. It looks like a couple of my underway builds, I could still edit. Is that necessary?

And the Eduard Group Build is underway but still in the staging area.

I will move the Eduard GB for you. What else do you have in Staging that you want moved?

Thanks. That’s it for me.