Big mistake using AK Interactive Camouflage putty for masking

@modelbouwnederland - that’s the classic description of using the wrong airbrush for this stage of your model building career in my opinion.

The Paasche VL is a very good and simple to maintain airbrush as Mead93 mentioned.

However, the Paasche H is even more robust and simple to maintain. It’s an external mix airbrush that delivers excellent quality paint results. One with call three spray heads can be found for under $50. You might need an adapter or new airhose. If a needle and nozzle get ruined its like $8 to replace the set.

When I say robust, I have an old Paasche H purchased in 1988 that I still use today :slight_smile:

Please see the following thread below. I demonstrate some of what the old reliable simple to maintain Paasche H is capable of doing and how to clean it.

Old School Shadow Painting