Build A Photo 2 Campaign

Very clever … I do like that rendition… Really captures the feel of it all…and I hope the chunk of lift went into the sea not back on board !

Tim your skill in ‘micro machine scale’ is just awesome. I was impressed by all your other builds, but this one takes the cake…

Thanks John!

That piece of the elevator did fall harmlessly into the sea. Incredibly, a couple of Enterprise crewmen blown off the ship (but otherwise uninjured) climbed on top of it and used it as a flotation device until they were rescued by one of the escorting destroyers!


Thanks Peter! Small scales actually offer the advantage of letting the modeler omit quite a few of the smaller details!

Damn, if i’d have known. Ive just finished a Centaur that i did from a photograph.

Plenty more photos out there to whet your appetite Colin

Very true, you can use this first one you’ve done as the test bed … Hope you join in on the 2nd one if we get enough interest… John

it means if i see a photo i like and i dont have the model, then i have to buy a new o… oh wait… :rofl:


how do we sign up for campaigns (group builds) now :question:

This Build a photo campaign 2 is just in the planning phase at the mo to see how much interest there is… If we get to the magic 10, I will propose it to Richard @GulfWarrior, then people can start posting about which photo they will be trying to do. There is also a thread going now about possible other campaigns for 2021 where people are throwing ideas around… Worth having a look at Colin @deerstalker36


Could be just the motivation I need to work on the Photo I want to do. I’m in.

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Welcome Tom @steel_tiger1, glad you’ve joined in…so that’s 7, possibly 8 in Colin is in…

Does that mean I have another interested person Colin ?? :grin:

I would like to take part as well. I wanted to in the last campaign, but 1) too busy and 2) didn’t think my skills were good enough then.

@Sailfish Skills have no bearing in a Group Build Colin. We do not care if you are starting your first ever build, or your thousandth, as long as you are prepared to have fun while you are building. In fact, group builds are where you are likely to get the most help for any questions, tips or advice you want, if you feel you could benefit that way. I hope this one gets off the ground. Will be great to see you join.

I am very interested, but not sure if I am able to participate… I first want to complete my current project with 10 vehicles (both rail and road) and accompanying figs.
Though I was unaware, I did something similar this year!!!

(The turret can turn and is in the correct direction now :wink: )


Great effort Erwin, looks very very good … I hope you join in on this one…

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Thanks… This dio has given me a lots of firsts… Like the ice, snow and water… Not visible in this pic, there are also some figs on the ground, that look at the handy work of the tankers. A scene I made up to give it more of a human interest…

I hope so too. My stash is big enough (is it? really?, yeah right!)


I meant skills to do the picture justice.

It’s all subjective Brian @Sailfish , attempting it is the great thing, and what you may think is average, another may think is outstanding…I hope you come back with a " yes, ok add me to the list :grin:"