Build A Photo 2 Campaign

Operational overview.

Round 2 :+1:.
Quote from @GulfWarrior.
We have all seen a photograph and thought “That would make a great diorama!” Well, here’s your chance to do it again or for your first attempt.
Though a dio isn’t required, although it is actively encouraged, even more so if the topic is an aircraft or ship. A copy of the photograph does need to be posted before the start and I am also open to the idea of using a painting as a backdrop reference for the build for historical times before the invention of the camera.

Any subject is welcome. It can be a truck, tank , a combination of several if you feel brave enough, an aircraft, a ship or a figure… I am open to discussing topics. It can be as simple or as complex as you like. One additional caveat is that all markings on the model need to be the same as in the photograph including bumper, hull and tail numbers.
Time frame.
01 Jan 2021 to 31 Dec 2021

The Rules and Regs

All scales
All eras
Minimum work on previously started kits is allowed, subject to discussion.
Dios actively encouraged. Will be needed as a very basic backdrop for ships and aircraft to show the scene…
Aftermarket add-ons welcome
The photo of the subject you wish to reproduce must be posted in the campaign thread
As many in-progress pictures posted in the campaign thread as you want
At least two pictures of the completed model in the thread.

Tom @steel_tiger1
Erwin @golikell

I’m in, although I haven’t finish BaP1 yet…

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LOL … you have time Pasi, and you’re the first one to show interest … hope some more do as well…and welcome Pasi @PasiAhopelto

Yeah, I’m interested. Had an idea for the 2020 one, but didn’t have time for it… so maybe next year…

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I might be interested. I feel like I have a lot on my plate right now. At the start of the new year my thought about that may have changed. I have quite a few photos in mind already.

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Ok, I will keep track of who’s interested in the initial post and see how we go over the next month , but if it does happen, it will be a 12 monther as I know these photo builds can be time consuming.

Procedural question here…

Many of the pics that spring to mind are things I have in books. If I can’t find the corresponding pic online, how do I go about posting it? I guess my question is both logistical - I mean, I can take a picture of the picture, but who knows how that will come out - and legal, I imagine many of these photos are not in the public domain?

@phil2015 Internationally, it is legal and not copyright infringement, to post a picture for reference purposes only as long as you do not receive any financial reward. You can also cite the source of the picture and any acknowledgements to the legal owner (the info usually found in the book with the picture or in the lists at the end) as well, although it is not necessary.

It is infringement to post numerous pictures or pages of the book if there is not direct reference to why you have posted it. e.g. Posting a Picture of a knocked out vehicle that you are depicting in a build is fine. Posting pictures of the same vehicle from different angles is also fine. Posting every page of a Panzerwrecks publication or numerous pages from it stating the reference aspect is ‘wrecked vehicles’ is not.

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What a cool concept! I’ve only done a build-a-photo project once before, but it was fun:

I’ll have to think of a new idea for this Campaign!


I have a scene in mind

@TimReynaga , Now that is a very cool and brilliantly done model. Is the airborne part a chunk of the flight deck ? if so …WOW - thats one big piece of metal to go flying.

And welcome @steviecee I will add you both as interested and see how much more interest this Group Build/Campaign gets.

Thanks for both looking in, and keep checking it.

@TimReynaga , Now that is a very cool and brilliantly done model. Is the airborne part a chunk of the flight deck ? if so …WOW - thats one big piece of metal to go flying.

Thanks John!!

Yes, that chunk at the top of the plume is a piece of the Enterprise’s forward elevator which was blown apart by a kamikaze hit.

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Very cool pics in an objective way, must of been terrible being on board … and a very lucky and well timed camera shot … thanks for posting those Tim. Thats the sort of thing or meaning (but not necessarily to your epic scale) I meant when I mentioned about the caveat for anyone entering a ship etc. It is a real impact photo you found there, and brave to attempt it, and then pull it off with that success, again, very very well done.

Hmmm, ships. Would building a painting be in scope?

Nice work on the ship, Tim. Is that a 1250 model? It looks like you are holding it in the palm of your hand in the first pic…

Explain building a painting ? as in say a painting of HMS Victory firing a broadside and building that ? could be a unique interpretation …??

Yeah, I was thinking about ships before the era of photography. It would be imitating art. I was thinking of the Battle of Hampton Roads but I imagine there are lots of different paintings of that…

@phil2015 - I think I would be open to that. As long as it depicted a real ship, in a real situation as you described - i.e, a known Battle etc. And as Petbat said, I think as long as its in the public domain, and previously photographed etc etc, you wouldnt be doing anything illegal. Might be interesting to see what you come up with.

I’m going to noodle on it. Thing is, there are all sorts of cool photos that immediately spring to mind. The couple of old naval scenes I can think of might be a lot of work.

For photos, there are so many. One example: Mini-art (how many sentences begin with that as a subject for something like this) makes those cool German tractors from the 30s. I have a picture in Hell’s Gate of one of those pulling some truck out of the mud in the Ukraine - that just begs to be done.

I know what you mean, I actually have about 3 or 4 I was thinking about, and 1 main one I really want to do … we shall see …

It was built from a 1/1200 scale Revell plastic model.

The plume is paper mache.

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