Calling out a know-it-all on Facebook

Loved Squad Leader!

Even further OT:
There was a turn based game on PC back in the day called Battleground (Battlefield?) Ardennes that used a similar rule set. I think I may still have it on CD somewhere or maybe I chucked it as it would need some fettling to get it working on modern kit.


Concur. Squad Leader, Tobruk and other games continue to fuel my modeling subjects.


But some of us post about using up our - er, a friend did it! - paycheck to fortify our - ER, his - stash, feeling woozy from paint and glue fumes, or having our aircraft modeling buddies mad at us when they see that we posted a picture of a tank.

Or so I’ve heard. Just posting for a friend you understand…


On a related note, as a guitarist, things can get expensive. If you sneak gear or anything at all in and a receipt is found, always, always, ALWAYS know what it is that you are about to confess.

Went something like this:

“I found a receipt.”

“Uh yeah, uh, that was for a rack mixer.”

“What? You mean there was something else?! How much was that? The receipt I found was for a speaker cab!”

[Thinking]: “D’OH! Sonuva… How stupid am I???”


no, shut up, shh, shhh, nathan fillion, be quiet, shut – GIF