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This is a scary tangent…


Yes - I might just need counselling…


When i grew up fresh air was king. I wasnt allowed to play inside. We climbed trees. Swam in the creek. Blew up frogs! Now the sun gives us cancer. Falling out of a tree means legal action against the trees owner. And pumping a frog up to see how long it takes for it to explode would see you fronting a committee at the UN.
Why the change? Its not the kids. Its the parents. Parents are voiding their responsibility. As a drunk teenager the policeman gave my a thick ear and sent me home. Dad thanked the policeman. Now the policeman would go to jail.

Dont blame the kids. Look in the mirror and see whos responsible for letting them get like it.


there are cases when kids ignore the parents no matter what the parent does or say (I could be that in my youth), I think one should be mre nuanced on this kind of stuff becuase it’ll depend from case to case.


This generation of kids don’t have self respect for anyone or anything …
Including themselves , tattoos , body piercing , hair styles and the way they dress …

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I go on the Eduard Facebook page once in a great while.
That’s one group that the Administration does not allow any negativity at all .
One post I seen they banned like 6 or 8 people for negativity !

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They took this advice:


Nah, just bag her up - every hole is a goal.


I will say I am pleased with my kids. Went fishing last weekend, very hot day, no shade, my son, 13, spent hours casting on a small pier. No phones.

My daughter, 16, did become frustrated, went to the vehicle to start it and cool off. She did watch some YouTube videos, but these were fishing videos in order to try to figure out what we were doing wrong. That said, looked as though no one at the lake was having any luck.

And she closed out the school year with a 4.7 GPA.

There are some good kids.


I totally agree with you Top. It is one of many problems facing our society concerning our youths.


Awesome! There are some good kids today, thanks for being a good father :+1: :sunglasses:

Cajun :crocodile:


Thank you. I think back to when I was young and some of the 16 year old girls I knew.

It’s jarring when you realize your own daughter is the very same age. I am thankful she is not like that. Very focused on school and her artwork.


I’m off the POV no generation are better than the previous one, people of all ages believe in dumb stuff, it’s not just a modern day thing and tatoos/piercing etc aren’t worst than stuff like pin up on warplanes for me. (I prefered to redo my answer)

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My kids do watch YouTube videos, but there is an upside: they learn about the latest news stories, various sciences, history, etc.

Many times I have asked, “How do you know this?”


Funny thing, when they were eight and five, I walked in on them and they were discussing … the Illuminati. :flushed:

“YouTube.” :laughing:


Many years ago when my sister (older than me) was in her late teens my mother was talking with the mother of one of my sisters classmates. The other mother asked if my mother wasn’t worried about what girls of that age might be doing.
Nah, my mother answered, my daughter wouldn’t do anything that I didn’t do at her age.
Sharp intake of breath by the other mother, panic flashing in her eyes, saying WHAT?!?!?!.

Like father, like son as the old proverb goes,
or actually like mother, like daughter in this case


Tell me you’re a k—-a without telling me you’re a k—-a… :smile:

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@sgeorges4 Aurelien

Agreed, there’s always good people and bad people in practically any group. Stereotyping is always lazy thinking.

Tattoos, piercings, long hair, buzz cuts, blue hair, pierced lips or nose etc have nothing to do with the issues. That’s all been around for decades. My generation (last Boomer’s/first Gen X’ers) did all that back in the 1970’s & 1980’s with Punk Rock era of the Sex Pistols etc…prior Generation had the Rolling Stones, hippies etc

When folks mention the mass of issues with Generation Z aka The Zoomies, it’s actually a short hand way of saying the Gen Z kid’s parents royally screwed up raising many of the Gen Z kids. It’s like this diagram of a pointing finger, there’s three fingers pointing back at the owner of the hand.


The #1 issue with the majority of Gen Z kids is the lack of conflict resolution skills. Stupid kid drama never cools down like it did the old days because social media and smart phones keep it fresh and stirred up. This is EASY to diffuse, limit smart phone & internet access. However, many of today’s spineless, clueless adults (parents) are too busy being “friends” with their kids instead of parents and GET involved stirring up additional drama. They wouldn’t dream of limiting smart phone access. One to five times a week this social media drama will escalate into a problem at school, that actually has nothing to do with school.

Social service and law enforcement often end up involved when the situation gets out of hand with the education system caught in the middle. The Zoomie Kid gets kicked out of school for various reasons like fighting aka assaulting another student(s) assaulting faculty assaulting school resource officer (cop) and gets a two week suspension or expelled for the year depending on severity.

This sort of mess isn’t actually the kids fault because the child doesn’t know any better. The child hasn’t been properly socialized. That failure ultimately rests on the prior generations aka the parents.

I’ll spare you my diatribe on the plethora of meth head, crack head & dope head parents and their neglected Gen Z children.


Sheriff Judd tells the story about a seriously disturbed kid: