Campaign ideas 2024

Reintroducing my campaign idea:

Name: Frigid Fighter Frenzy

Scale: Any

Time Frame and subject: Any Cold War Era Fighter from any Nation. 1946 to 1991. The fighter must have been put into production and used by a nations Air Force or Navy, meaning no experimental aircraft, and no what ifs. I will accept documented cases of production aircraft tested but not accepted for use.

Build time: Feb 1st to August 1st


My Academy F-104 would fit nicely into this.

A 2023 campaign idea…buy a photographer or videographer figure and have him or her before a scene snapping a photo or recording a video. It has to be a vignette or diorama but the central focus is on the photographer and what caught the camera’s eye.

We can do a technical pickup and FAV campaign. The unarmored vehicles have to be armed…or call it “SOFs vs. militias” campaign. It doesn’t have to show SOF and technical…modelers can build either or.

Can do an animal campaign…any scale, any animal topic.

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How about a hover campaign…anything that hovers including Sci-Fi?

Helicopters, hovercraft, UFOs, speeder bikes, hover tanks, jetpack soldiers, F-35Bs, Harrier jump jets, X and Y-Wings landing, V-22s, etc.


Any interest in a trainers campaign? Any training aircraft from WW1 to present. Might make for some interesting and colourful builds.


Sounds good to me. Got lots to choose from already.

I think someone had made some rumblings about a half-track campaign for this year. I may use a half-track in the hitched thing, but if there were going to be a half-track campaign, I might choose something else.

I wouldn’t mind a reprise of the recon idea, but maybe it is too soon.

I’d definitely be up for a trainers build and the holy grail as well.

Might be tempted by a motorcycle build because I can probably sneak something into my stash without others in the house noticing :joy:

Quite like the idea of an interiors build as well - pretty much anything so long as it has an interior - OFB or scratch built.


How about a machine gunner campaign? For the military machine gunner, it has to be a figure with a belt-fed bullet machine gun, meaning no machine pistol or WW2 BAR gunner and no fully automatic rifles. Can be on a vehicle as long as there is a figure manning the machine gun. Automatic grenade launchers do not quality as machine guns.

I don’t know if Sci-Fi should be included or not…Sci-Fi laser machine guns may be included if it can be proven that it is a machine gun without a linked belt.


I definitely think we should have another figure campaign. I’m wondering if instead of trying to come up with a clever title each year, it should just be “figure campaign 2024?”

Having said that, you’ve offered a couple of ideas of more specific figure campaigns, and I like that idea also. Figures are relatively easy compared to vehicles or planes I think, so maybe two different kinds in a single year would make a lot of sense.


Interesting. I’ve got quite a few of the ICM WW1 MG sets that would be perfect.

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Made one this year, maybe a vehicle is a challenge .

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How about any vehicle named after an animal? German AFVs would be the obvious choice, but you could also consider the Churchill crocodile, the tortoise or a dingo scout car.

Loads of choices with aircraft - the Fairey Albatross, UH60 Blackhawk, BAE Hawk, F15 strike eagle, F14 Tomcat etc.

Also plenty of cars - AC cobra, Datsun Bluebird, Forf Mustang and so on.


I like that one. I was thinking of suggesting a Big Cats campaign. Any aircraft, AFV, car etc that was named after a cat. But this casts the net much wider and opens up the field to lots of different things.

Someone proposed one a few years back, but they didn’t want to run it in the end, if I remember correctly. A few people showed interest in it back then.

If you make it ‘any living creature’, you can open it to fish and insects:
Fairy Swordfish and Barracuda, Martin P5M Marlin, Tarpon (TBF Avenger in British Service), De Havilland Mosquito and Tiger Moth, etc.

Fish also opens it up to some ships and subs too.

Don’t forget non-English spelling:
The Oliphant (Centurion), Rooikat, Buffel, G6 Rhino, Eland (Modified AML 90) all used by South Africa.

Then you need to consider if nicknames are allowed, e.g. Land Rover ‘Pink Panther’, PBY Catalina ‘Black Cat’, etc


The any animal named one is a good idea and opens it right up to include all builders. I also like the idea of a motorcycle one as I recently got back into biking again.

If there is any interest, I am happy to run another Big 3 (ST- SW -BSG ) build which would include part built kits from those universes ??


That would interest me, off the top of my head I have

  1. Eduard MiG-21
  2. AMK mig-31
  3. Airfix Canadair Sabre
  4. Tamiya F-14 Tomcat

Just to make things a little different, how about expanding Big 3 to Big 4 and adding Space Battleship Yamato? The original series predates both Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars. There are more spaceships on film for Space Battleship Yamato than all of those other three universes combined, and many of them appear in model form. Back around 2010, the original series was remade and updated. The universe is still alive and strong with new installments added on a regular basis. Many of the themes found in modern science fiction originated in Space Battleship Yamato. Before there was a Death Star, the Empire, Emporer Palpatine, Hyper Drive, R2-D2, and X-Wings, there was a Wave Motion Gun, the Gamalas Empire, Supreme Leader Dessler, Space Folds, IQ7, and Cosmo Tigers.

Animal Campaign = Warspite. (Actually, this would get me a Jagdpanther so… YAY!)

Cold war fighters is fun but I would need to purchase something. I have a very old Monogram F-105G but that would not qualify.

Certainly open to expanding the different themes – could also include Space 1999 & UFO, Captain Scarlet and Thunderbirds etc etc


What open a separate campaign for each national region?
Star Wars, Trek and BSG to represent US SF.
Dr Who, Gerry Anderson, maybe Red Dwarf for UK. Although we may be quite limited with kits here?
And then a separate for the Japanese shows and films.

Just a suggestion as opening it up to further shows wouldn’t differentiate it from the general SF campaigns that run every year. And it might highlight the different styles and themes between them.