Canadian ECM jammer color?

Fingers crossed someone here served in Afghanistan and can tell me what color the ECM jammer was on the Canadian leopard? These are classified so finding pictures of them online is next to impossible

I commanded all 4 types of C2 MEXAS back in 2007, there are photos out there on the web, but here is front/back of mine from my ride…if you have any questions feel free to ask me anytime…


Also, the modified armoured cover was flat black, and don’t model the front extra dust fenders if modelling a combat version, they were broken / taken off most,

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Fantastic! Really appreciate it. Figured the sides and antenna were black, didn’t know what the central portion should be. Appreciate the nice clear photos!

Kudos for the tip on the flat black add on armor! I’ll have to go back and respray that.

While I have you, what color were the two large U shaped hooks on the back hull? I’ve seen pictures where they appear natural with a red (eye bolt?) like this:

But I’ve also seen them toned down like this

I can’t tell if they appear toned down due to dirt or they were painted in country so they didn’t reflect light.

Here are pics of my in progress build if anything else looks like it needs fixing (I think I’ll respray the canvas as it is too light IMO

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Each tank was different, if you tell me which troop you plan on modelling, I can give you a quick run down on what it looked like, I took notes and walk around photos of each tank in our squadron. I was the tank troop Sgt for 2nd troop, picture of my beast in a run up position working with USSF.

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It is likely yours I am modeling! I am doing the 2nd Troop A squadron one from Meng, with the Viking head insignia

2nd troop, yes that would be my tank…commanded it from Feb-Sept 2007.
Here is a quick and dirty run down on the beast: Troop was called (REITENS RAIDERS) in honour of the troop leader and his Viking heritage…:slight_smile:
12B CFR 78-85132 Troop Sgt Tank
CFR under driver’s tool box # switched around to show 78-58132, white grease penciled 85 over the mix-up.
Dozer tank.
Armour plates welded onto the armour # 2 & 3 sections due to numerous run ins from jingle trucks Aug-2.
New armour plate added onto the front with 85072 in white grease pencil.
R/S armour missing 3 top bolts
L/S & R/S armour skirt trimmed to the sprocket.
No reflectors.
A.C. unit dented rear corner panel after 1st troop borrowed it and ran into a house.
LAV-3 cable for recovery and track repair.
A.A. coax type with spade grips.
One of the last C-2’s to last until the end in 2011.
The C-6 fitted to the loaders side was fitted with spade grips, Canadian flag on the antenna behind my commanders hatch, blue Colman cooler and the famous bumper sticker on the drivers tool box…


Thanks for the wealth of information on this tank. Really cool to have the guy who commanded it to talk to!

I’ll try to do it justice!

I think it is too late for me to add some of those quirks. But I think I can scratch spade handles, the Coleman cooler, and the Canadian flag easy enough. Might try to source the Alberta beef bumper sticker.

When talking about the skirts being trimmed, where abouts would that be? Is that the cut out shown on the last third of the rear skirt?

This probably happens on Armorama a lot more than I realize, but how cool that the tank a member commanded and is answering questions about is the very tank that is being built! What a source of knowledge and information this site is!


We will have a number former and current military members from around the world and most are willing to share. One of the many benefits of this website.

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Rear side skirts were trimmed at the rear, photo for example

What was the reason for the turret lift ?

Perfect thanks. I assumed that was what was meant. The kit seems to honor this. Also realized the kit comes with a decal for the antenna mounted Canadian flag

Needed to replace some wiring under the turret, easier/faster to pull the turret then sit in the hot weather in a hot tank…


It’s always impressive doing a turret lift.

Russcist MBTs have been doing it a lot lately, in a very impressive manner.

It’s a pain in the a**e haha. I did winter maintenance in Batus and had to do lifts to replace RBJ’s (rotary base junctions). Did numerous barrel changes as well on those that had worn out or were approaching their end of life, now that’s a challenge.

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Oh stop your whining BATUS is only -35 Celsius in the winter :cold_face:

Haha I know, thank god for the workshops and the airlock doors. We’d have never kept the place warm without them.

Snap lol … Did 1 on a MedMan but thankfully got recovered back to workshops for it… And a demo lift for a BAOR visit by NATO chiefs… Glad it was only 2 … And touch wood managed to avoid any barrel changes as I know that they are a pain in the hoop