CEC YT-1300 Millennium Falcon by Bandai

Lol… Yeah … Got through New Hope and most of Empire Strikes Back …:+1:


Very good Johnny.
It’s nice that my falcon lets you think about the movies again. I recently got all of them again watched.
I think Empire Strikes Back is the best movie of the whole series.


this build is coming along nicely and you’re doing a fantastic job and i can’t wait to see the finished kit.


Thanks, and me too. :smile:


Looking great! :+1:

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Being a newbie, has taken me a while to find this thread but now I have I’ve really enjoyed your progress. I built the Finemolds 1/72 Falcon some years back and will be very interested in how the two compare when finished. Not that I’m as skilled and methodical as yourself, mine was more along the lines of artistic trial and error, but I think it came out okay. Your Death Star tunnel stand, now that is inspired. I stuck with the stand that came with the Finemolds kit, but on a turntable so I can rotate it, though of course not when the lights are plugged in :slight_smile: I’m sure there are lots of ways you can make the Death Star surface but have you thought about using a combination of scanning and 3D printing the 1/72 Death Star stand bases that come with the smaller 1/72 Bandai kits or some versions of the old TIE Fighter kit base by AMT/ERTL? I’m sure there are better ways, just my half-baked notion. Thanks again for leading us down the path towards a splendid looking model of a modern classic.