Centurions: Fist of the Empire

Thanks for your help.

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Anytime, mate. On a side note, I personally wouldn’t waste my money on a set that includes a driver actually driving the tank if I were aiming for a contemporary setting of an IDF tank underway (when I mean contemporary, I really mean in the past 30 plus years), as tanks are never driven, even for short distances, with the driver’s sticking out of his head. The only exception is when the gun rests in the travel lock (now, take a wild guess why that is…), otherwise the driver is buttoned up when driving.

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In British army
We still drive head up on public roads with gun front . Driver has a safety switch.

I would look at pictures and depending on what environment the tank was serving
I use to hate driving a centurion closed down as you need both hands to change gear and steer and you still had to turn the episodes and hold them still

Chieftain onwards it was great as it was fixed

It was the same in the IDF (except we don’t really drive on public roads) until one day a turret lock got disengaged and the loose cannon broke the driver’s neck. That must have been at least 30-40 years ago. Since then, even if the tank needs to be moved a centimeter, the driver’s buttoned up.


And here I was thinking it was for the vacuum…


The AK 096 IDF early sand yellow is applied. Mixed about 60/40 with Tamiya lacquer retarder thinner.

Do love this AK paint. Goes on so nicely and drys great.

Next up is the wheel rubbers, then detail painting begins…

I want to give it a realistic weathering so some questions …

What is the paint or basic colour under the Sinai Grey on IDF Centurions ? I imagine these wagons had a hard active life, so they would have signs of scraps, chipping etc.

@ReluctantRenegade or @gtdeath13 do you have any colour photos of IDF cents ?

Also, I was wondering about the tracks… I can’t imagine in those weather conditions they would be overly rusty… Anyone have any images of tracks …I’m going to be giving them a decent dry brush of AK steel on top of whatever colour I end up with …


I hate you for having so much time to put together the models! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :+1: :+1:

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Very very nice John!

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And that was after shopping, walking the dog for 3 hours, mowing the lawn, cleaning the car out, and pressing my uniform for work lol … But I have to juggle the models, this Cent, the Pantsir, the Rheintochter ( that’s 3 kits) and finishing the Mk10 Stillbrew base groundwork…and I just remembered again I’m also on the group build for the figures lol …

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Cheers Matt, I am seriously a huge fan of all AK gear… Paints and washes mainly but God, they are so good.

Thats a great looking colour. Are you going to lighten/bleach the mantlet cover at all?

Not only can I not see them rusting much, I bet they’d be pretty damn shiny on all the contact surfaces given the abrasive nature of the terrain.

Here’s a few photos of a knocked out Cent, you can see the dark iron colour showing through on the end of the barrel


Slowly forward…


Nice job Johnny. Tracks wouldn’t get rusty but dusty for sure. You can even bend some links ends that’s what led IDF to cut them every 6 links later on.


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Thanks @Canmedic & @Bison126 for the tips … Yes Don, I will probably be lightening the canvas cover a bit to contrast it. :+1:
@PiotrK , Piotr that’s some great progress, it’s coming along nicely … well done.
And thank you again @ReluctantRenegade , I knew you’d have the colour images I was after. Some nice colour shots (no pun intended :grin:) there…
One question though about my barrel and the sight vanes at the end.

Should they be there ? I’m seeing them on some Shots, but they look like later Mks, and not the 73 version… Happy to remove them if needed.

If anyone is building an Amusing Hobby Gimel can you show me where parts M34+N17 go please?
I don’t understand the drawing.

I made some more progress and used the lovely Sanxin metal tracks from my failed AFV Club Centurion build.


Looks great Colin…made some great progress there.
Ref the barrel clamp, it’s the same as on mine … See below … Hope they help.


Thank you John.
Yours looks nice.

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