Centurions: Fist of the Empire

AFV Club have two part wheels to better represent the inner ribbing but this is achieved by including vinyl for the tyre and part of the rim. Amusing Hobby have one piece wheels. Pick your poison (although I have not yet heard of issues with AFV Club’s vinyl.)

From what I’ve read amusing hobby single piece wheels miss the ribs? But I could be wrong on this

Thanks Mead, that would be helpful indeed to see what it’s like in the box :+1::+1:

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Absolutely! The place I ordered from is close to me so I should have it by Friday.


PMMS review of the kit and sprue shots:

and if you are going AFV Club, I’d suggest their track set:

A build Video on the Amusing Hobby Alef kit:

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A shame no one has followed Takom’s lead and done the wheels like they did on their Chieftains. Separate inner rings in stryene, Easy Peasy.
I’ve done the Sho’t Kal kit twice - once from the AFV Club kit and once from a converfson for their kit. It might have been called Best Value. Really can’t remember any more.
No issues to speak of. AFV Club just some fiddlly parts to contend with.

Oh, and the two conversions using AEF Designs. Don’t even get me started on those…

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Are the afv club tracks workable like on their churchill? If so I might go this route, if not I might go metal

Yes they are, but follow Terry’s lead to make sure you do not break the pins.

Takom are by far, not the first. Skybow had separate outer rim segments for their M41 Walker Bulldog wheels 20 odd years ago…

Skybow is now owned by AFV Club:


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Strange thing is, AFV Club did not use the set in their M41 Walker Bulldog or their M42 Duster (which needs an extra road wheel as the idler was replaced by a road wheel on the M42)…

Looking for something else in the loft, I found my Israeli Centurion.
Looks like it’s the Six Day War boxing. Will have to have a proper look in the box and instructions a little later.

Still yet to find the RAAC boxing, ideally that’s the one I want to finish if possible.


Kit arrived today! Looks really nice in the box. Let me know if you want any pictures @Johnnych01

Nice texture on the parts. Likely a while till I build this as I have a few other projects on the go


That is the donor kit for my Bridgelayer build. I hope to cast the external fuel tank from my RAAC kit.

BTW, AFV Club neglected to include the mantlet covers in their early kits Stephen. They produced one for your kit later, but it needs some work to get it fit right if you want to source one and not make your own.


The one for the RAAC Cent is their ‘Type A’ mantlet cover.


Thanks @Mead93 , I may ask for a few shots of it but it’s safe to leave it for a while as like you I have a few things on the go at the moment. I am being drawn to that AFV one though… It’s definitely going to be that or the Nagmachon…

Thanks Peter. I did buy one for the RAAC Centurion which turned out to be the wrong one. I think I did put it in with that IDF. Will have to check later if it is. The box is crammed full of stuff! I’m hoping it’s the right version.
I remember I bought a resin turret for the RAAC Centurion, which is supposed to have some corrections for that version. So I didn’t need the mantlet cover after all as it’s moulded on.

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I’m not quite sure the IDF Sho’t Centurion pictured above is quite correct for the Six Day War. True, you can find photos of IDF Cents in that configuration, but by the time the war started I believe most if not all had been upgraded to the 105mm gun. It also included several other modifications as well, including adding an extension to the lower hull for more fuel storage, and louvers to the engine deck, as seen in this photo: (You may choose not to use the old two handled Tamiya fuel can. Who knew?)

There’s also a different arrangement on the glacis, with the two spotlights and the two sections of track. And the glacis itself gets an additional armor plate, which you get in the later IDF Cent kits.
This is the old “dog” of a Tamiya kit, but you get the idea:

Eventually you get to something that looks similar to this:


Thanks, that’s useful. I did try and do some research when I picked it up, but I was finding it bit tricky to pin down exactly what upgrades had been made.

I did plan on looking in the box tonight, just never got around to. I do know that is a LOT of parts for other versions on the sprues, so chances are what I need is already in there. Just a case of working out what.
As for the 105, I’ve seen one by Akkura that’s supposed to be for the Tamiya Leopard 1. Can’t see no reason it couldn’t fit this.

Great work on that old kit. I do admit to having a soft spot for that one. Beautiful box art and I managed to put it together as a straight oob build in a very short space of time before we moved house. Never did get around to painting it though.

Mead, if you get a chance, does the SHOT Kal come with the .50 for the center- line mount ?

From what I can see it does not. From my reading the .50 was added in 1974 and this kit represents a 1973 vehicle.

Afv club has three other kits though the Sho’t Kal Gimel in two variants and a sho’t kal with a bartering ram, both of which have the .50

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Thanks for looking Mead. I may have to think about the Amusing Hobby IDF SHOT KAL - ALEF … or that Nagmachon

Not a problem! That center line 50 does look mean!