Centurions. "It's not just a British thing"

Absolutely it is

Someone please help me fix the format for this . I cant even find the correct template.
I dont want this to get cancelled so take pity on the village idiot please .

I presume only the person that started the thread can edit it, Maybe I can help. Can you click on edit in your first post then copy the screen image and paste it?

Peter I tried that and was unsuccessful.

Chris, if you find you can’t edit it to the correct format, (which fingers crossed one of the moderators may help with) you could try the nuclear option… As the actual campaign/group build hasn’t actually started, you could possibly delete the whole thread and start afresh following @staff_Jim guidelines and templates … At least if you do that you will know you’ve followed the correct format and will know for future builds. Loads of people have already said they will join in on the build so you won’t lose anyone… They will follow… Just a thought… John

John I appreciate that . Yes I have considered going thermo nuclear on the thread
I am unable to get the template to work for me .

Maybe it will take a moderator with more access to fully edit the thread to the proper format…
I just started to do a draft campaign to see how easy it was and once you go in the staging area, and click new topic the box opens with all the sub headings like name , event leaders, build rules/details etc opens up pre loaded and you just type in between the brackets… Go nuclear if all else fails :+1:

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Looks like I am going nuclear later

Chris, before you do, and so you have a general idea of the guidelines and rules etc, have a look at how I did the Star Wars alternative cam group build.
Star Wars Universe Alternative Camo Schemes Group Build

You’ve probably already seen how others do the first post in a group build thread, but hopefully it may be useful having a look through another one for ideas etc… Good luck :crossed_fingers:

The topic you want to reference for this is the guidelines topic. The template topic is linked this, but honestly just creating a new topic in staging gives you the entire template to start with (which you can copy and paste into the above). Which I will do, because I am such a sweet guy. :slight_smile:

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Hey @Chris_Bryan, we doing this thing?

I’ve got this beast coming to me this week


Gonna get done up really purdy like

I dunno if this will work but here we go.

I’ve talked with Chris and rebooted this over here

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