Christmas-holiday 1/4 ton fast build

Group Build Title: 1/4 ton fast build

Group Build Leader(s): @Yeahwiggie

Group Build Description: Build a small, wheeldriven vehicle; Jeep, Kübel, Schwimm, MUTT, M38… you get the idea. Anything up to a 1/4-ton. It doesn’t matter how you want to display it; stand alone, vignette or diorama. Or part of another campaign.
But this is a fast build! Just over the christmas-holidays!

Event Details: starting december 19, 2021, ends januari 16, 2022

Completion Award: will be added later.

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Yep, Im in with another Canadian Jeep. Probably another M151.

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I like the idea and have more then a few jeeps or other kits to choose from. :+1:

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OK, I have a 1/72 tow tractor from the Academy P-51C crying to get built. Would that qualify? :wave:

We could just agree on anything military with up to 4 wheels and no armor?


Oh, neat, I dug out the ‘tow’ vehicle from my Academy P-51C and it turns out to be a Jeep of unknown origin. One of the few things I know about WWII jeeps is that Ford didn’t want to spend the time making the 9 slot grille that Bantam / Willys used in their design. So he got it changed to 7, and the 7 clot grill is still standard today. This one for no good reason has 10 slots?? :wave:

I have a Mini Art Bantam 40 BRC that would fit the bill.

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@Yeahwiggie, is this happening?

Sorry, but I forgot about this one.
But yes, I would say :“GO!”

I will be doing a Schwimmwagen and will post pics later.

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I will try with Meng Jeep in Chaplain markings.



I will use this one:

and this one:

in order te create something similar to this one:

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Moving right along, which is good cause soon it will crawl at the paint booth.

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Hi, I started this one, actually on the 19th… but does it count? I don’t think it is 1/4 but 3/4 ton…

Here’s my entry:

No, not the Mustang. The “Ground Vehicle”, I’m guessing that they were trying to avoid paying royalties to Chrysler Corp. Every opportunity to avoid saying Jeep, or showing any Jeep trademarks.

If you zoom in, you can see that the Grill has 10 openings, not the 9 of a Willys or Bantam or the 7 of a Ford.
One sprue along with 4 or 5 Mustang sprues. Not sure what they were thinking, the Jeep comes with a pintle mount 50 cal. machine gun. Probably not standard airfield issue equipment.

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A bit of the heavy side, but what the heck. Go for it!

@md72 That must be tiny!

I have made a start as well. I love this Tamiya-kit! It is superb! Even though a good number of parts are quite delicate and small.


Thanks for allowing it.

This is going fast, quite an old kit but according to Scalemates basically the same kit as the newer versions… Found a few things: parts misnumbered; a driver supplied but too big so doesn’t fit in it; and the fit of some bits is a bit off… but will fix that. Will also add a cable to the winch. won’t be using the gun…


Yep, it’s tiny. Here’s a 1/76, Sherman tank, the 1/72 Jeep, and a 1/35 Kubelwagen,


Getting closer. Front axle and some small bits before painting and assemble.

I have to say, the Meng kit has been fun so far. I switched out the rear gas can with the Tamiya Jeep one because I don’t think Padre is carrying what looks like a mine around. I also removed the posts for side bags. Makes the Padre look like a gypsy, imho.


It is not a mine, but a canvas foldable bucket. And padre might just need that.


Good point, might switch that out. :+1: