IDF Diorama

After my LAV thing, I am starting with a new diorama, this is the idea:

As it stands now, these kits will be used:

It may change a bit, reshuffling the models, adding and substituting models, rearranging the outlay… but this is the basic plan:
A winding road through desert/mountain area, tanks on the higher grounds that have secured the area, a convoy with supplies on the road… possibly some left vehicles of the opponents alongside the road…
Drivers, stowage, truckloads… desert area…

First is ready for it:

Thanks to Christmas-holiday 1/4 ton fast build

Second one is on its way:

I have this set to use as load, don’t know how much will fit into this one, the rest will go into other trucks:


Great idea Bert and a very good way to reduce the stash 12 at a time lol … I am sure this is going to be just as impressive as the LAV dio … cant wait to see what you do with them all :+1:

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Thanks John, depending on howmany wrecks I add, it might even be more than 12 :grinning:

Bert, its only my take on it so take it for whats its worth ok.

Have you thought about a scene where the tracked armour is getting a replen … you have a lot of wheeled wagons there that could be used in an admin based role. You wouldnt normally have that many tanks in close proximity giving overwatch or cover… when we did a rolling replen, the Squadron would have one wagon in cover and everyone would role through and then the first one or 2 tanks through would relieve the watch tank to let it through … just a thought :+1:

Edit … not sure why I replied to myself lol … obviously that was meant for Bert :+1:

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Another great idea. That many vehicles would take me a good 5 years to build though.


Hi John, thanks for your advice! Always glad to get some.
I know what you mean, a bit too many tanks near eachother, I take your word for it, you are more an expert than me, I haven’t been in the army.
It’s just that I have been watching a couple of documentaries on the six days war, they do show a lot of tanks moving on together, they had jeeps filled with men near them…
And I saw those scenes of the defeated Egyptian army, roads full of blackened and burnt wrecks with Israeli armour and trucks passing them. Thats kind of what I am trying to put together.
And eventhough this is big, its not big enough for what I have in mind :grinning:

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Thanks, the difference is that you would probably put more detailing and acccuracy into each vehicle… where as I am more a OOB builder, I just add stowage and stuff.

Have allready been reshuffling the set up a bit:

and might later on expand :grinning:


I admire your ambition to visualize these grand dioramas and bring them to realization. This one will be another great adventure to follow. The concept sketch looks like it will do quite well.


I agree with Carlos @Stikpusher , the first idea board on its own looks good. The tanks are spaced out better and not so in each others way… Only down side is you may need to disregard convoy distance discipline on that one board…however, a way round that could be if the lead half track has stopped at an entry checkpoint and the tanks are in set positions to act as a guard force ??..let the building commence :grin:
Ps … Sorry to keep throwing stuff at you Bert :+1:

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@Stikpusher Thanks! Ambition I have, I just don’t know about skills… :grinning:
@Johnnych01 don’t stop throwing, I am good ad dodging :grinning:

Building has started on nr3:

Ton’s of plastic, but… everthing marked in blue is not needed in this kit:

Nice surprise: weighted wheels in this kit!

And in the French campaign I will be doing the AMX that will be in this dio.


Is this a standard M3 with IDF markings or was there modifications to this vehicle specific to the IDF? I ask because I am looking for a good M3 for WW2.

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This looks like a great diorama idea. What are you going to use for figures? I’ve been trying to find ways of modifying figures for the idf around the time of the October war.

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The bo is filled with extra bits that aren’t used for this version, I have a M16 from Dragon as well, which has many same parts, you just use different parts in each kit. Might be so that a number of parts are for WW2 versions, I am not sure how correct though, sorry.


I have different sets of figures:

idf infantry
idf jeep crew
And a couple of IDF tank crews, and some other sets that aren’t IDF but will pretend to be IDF :grinning:


Should you decide on buying this kit, better be warned: i am only on step 2 and allready have encountered 3 mistakes:
A3 and A4 have to switch place, otherwise A2 doesnt fit

Two parts are numbered D5, but on the sprue D5 and D4:

D34 has to be turned 180 degrees, otherwhise these 3 parts don’t fit into each other:


Very ambitious project! What time frame/operation you aim for? The Halftrack figures depict paratroopers from the Six Day War, the rest are good for the '80s.

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Was aiming for 1967, so not sure if I will be using the standing/walking figures…

As far as their uniforms, equipment and weapons go, they don’t fit the time frame. Their underwear might be good for '67, but that’s about it.

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@bwilt I would really like to get those halftrack figures for my M3 with the 20mm gun on it! Where did you buy them?