Curvy Tanks Campaign

Initial hull construction complete. I am definitely not following the instruction build order on this one.

Pretty straightforward build but also pretty typical Trumpeter kit. Lots of sprue gates and flash.


Update time: Majority of hull is constructed and the road wheels are on. Lower sides of the tank have been painted. Once the tracks are painted and installed, I will add on the fenders, then mask off the tracks etc for painting.

Speaking of tracks, that’s what has bogged me down right now. Slowly cleaning up the 186-ish links the vehicle will need. I am about 3/4 of the way through.


Look at the bright side Rory. It could be worse. You could be doing 198 Panzer IV tracks AND the road wheel clean up…

I recommend doing a few at the start of a modeling session and at the end from the beginning. Breaks up the task in too small bits and not one long chore to stall a project.

So I got a m4 Sherman on my shelf, I think it probably has the most cast parts of anything I got in stock. Not sure it falls in the class of the most curvy thou? Any yes or no’s

While not the curviest of the Sherman’s, just look at that turret!

I am doing a T-62 which also only has the cast turret so you get no objections from me.

I remember doing the tracks for the Meng Panther A. It was awful. 5 sprue cleanup points on the track plus individual guide horns. Took me a week. Almost made me buy a set of Fruils. Of course was so burned out at the end I put them all in a ziplock bag, but the bag in the box and the box back on the shelf. Where it has sat for 2+ years.

I once drilled out every guide horn in a set of Dragon Magic Tracks for the Panther. Drilled then squared them off. My friends wanted to have me committed.

Then again I have built several Bronco track sets by choice too.

I guess it is how you look at it. I just look at tracks like building a Bronco or Dragon kit on itself - lots of parts, but worth it in the end.

I tried building Bronco Sherman tracks once. One of the few times I have thrown a model or related item away. Just couldn’t do it.

I find that once I start I get into a rhythm and it doesn’t bother me. Everyone has their breaking point - it is somewhere along the line toward total insanity. I fear I am close to the wrong end of that line…


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I used the RMSH tracks from the Takom T-55 and as expected, they went on beautifully. That being said, I had exactly enough. I literally used every single track with 0 spares. And was exactly the amount needed. Came out at about 98 and 99 links for each run.

Tank is pretty much built. All that is left to do is paint the tracks, add them permanently, glue the fenders on and add the tow cables.

Then into the paint-shop.

Turret was busier than I expected. It’s got a lot going on which I like.


Tracks are on and looking pretty darn good. Really happy with how they came out.


Looks excellent, Rory! Nice sag and look to the tracks.

Im in for this one!

The Skinks pretty high on the curve meter me thinks…


I will prolly replace the molded barrels with hypodermic needles.


Not much but I started the USAF M60a3 dozer build at the club new last night. Most of the blade done and barrel.


Does the render have different road wheel types, or are you going all the same?


Peter…Im a sophomore who has been 3D modeling for only 2 months so as much as I want to my skill level aint nearly that good! :sweat_smile:
So sadly no different wheels…


Base paint layer is on as well as the first layer of gloss. Cling film mask for the lower hull worked perfectly.


Do they not have engineer units who’s job it is to literally build airfields? Surely they’ve got a D9 or two kicking around…

Leave it like that and it would make a pretty cool moon buggy.

@Panzer_modeler, what scale are you doing?