Do you use a Vise to mount the model to work or weather it?

Do you use a Vise or holder to mount the model to work or weather it?

Noticed NightShift of YouTube fame is a big proponent of doing so. Would like thoughts, experiences and suggestions.

Thank you

I use this vise for painting- DSPIAE AT-TV Omni-directional Tabletop Vise – The Gundam Place Store

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Yes, mostly. However, for armor models, the devices I use are expedient or something that I have made just for that purpose.

I do have a proprietary fixture for holding and working on biplane models. (And having grown accustomed to it, I say that it’s almost required.)

For armor models, I usually make a fixture to hold the lower hull while I assemble the suspension and tracks. These can be reused for models of similar types with common suspensions. After I’ve done the hull-suspension assembly work, I continue to use these alignment fixtures to hold the model during the rest of the construction and finishing.

These are really quite simple and easy to make. I use the kit parts as their own “fixtures” for the dimensions and spacing, so there’s not even any real measurements needed. (Unless I need to make spacers for things like ride height if that’s not “fixed” by the kit design.)



The T-44 required two different holding fixtures, one just to construct the suspension and a second to hold the model as I was completing the construction and finishing. This was because I wanted a low wall and canter bar to hold the road wheels vertically and axially. The kit also needed spacers under the front and rear hull to set the ride height / ground clearance.

I used the first fixture to hold the model for all the suspension assembly as well as the interior work. Once the interior was finished, I moved the model to the second fixture for the rest of the build.



Sometimes I need to prop something up at an angle and then I’ll use whatever is available.
Shims are sometimes used to fix a tank chassis level and at the correct height.

I use a vise for soldering though.

I prefer to work with my elbows resting on the work table,
this brings the object to be worked on a full foot above the
table surface. A vise that high becomes impractical.
I do get paint on my fingers though …

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Never. Mk1 hand or will just prop against something if needed. For armour, I usually drill a small hole in the bottom of hull and then I have a long sturdy wooden rod with a 12mm bolt epoxy glued to one end, than that goes through hull hole and a nut secures it allowing me to turn and twist to whatever angle I need the wagon to be in for spraying…


I too use my hands to hold, but I am probably flirting with dropping a nearly finished kit on my concrete garage floor. I have been thinking of getting a vice to hold kits while I paint and weather

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I handle the model while I’m building it. When I get to painting, I use the Tamiya paining stands for the hull and turret separate. Then for weathering I place the model on a piece of cardboard on my bench, so I can rotate it without touching the model, and the cardboard absorbs excess weathering materials. Lastly I always mount the finished model on a base so that I don’t have to touch it.


No not a vise,something similar to this,improvised.


Handle when building. Paint on a Lazy Susan-one of those kitchen things that spins. Come in different diameters, mine is about 12 inches.


Redneck/ ghetto method if I need something “angled up” to work on:

Otherwise I use the cardboard on the rotating platter/ stand method mentioned above


Only when painting, and even then it is just the Tamiya stands or a Lazy Susan rotating plate.

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Yeahhhh Of course it is … :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


LOL :laughing: :laughing:


I’m considering the Octopus vise, but the chunk of money keeps me off.

Most of my models (afv) get a M4 nut on the bottom, so I can srew a handle to it, and later the possibility to fix the model with a bolt to a vignette

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good old Tamiya Paint Stands.


I have several vices.

Oh. You mean the other kind.




we don’t mention those here …
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Yes, I use the Octopus from Sukērumoderā:

Quite useful, less chances to drop the model or hit something while painting, can be tilted for better working on sides or top, avoids fingerprints on recently treated areas, etc.


I got this idea from a guy name of Robinson.Heath Robinson.
Soft felt pads on the jaws.


I like the Panavise collection but I’ve never had enough need for a vise to justify the expense, as John @Johnnych01 says the Hand MKI works 99% of the time otherwise the Tamiya turn-table works for painting.

I also like the one Dan @Dan linked from DSPIAE.

Cajun :crocodile:

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