Does Anyone Else cut out Boxart?

I just figured out that I have no space at all to keep empty boxes, so I spent an hour cutting out some of my favourite boxarts and realized how good of an idea it could be.


Nope. Empty boxes go into the recycle bin when the build is complete.

I cut off the top with an end flap attached and toss the remainder. Some I may put up as art/decor but most just go in a filing cabinet with my instruction sheets and decals.


I save all the Koike Shigeo art - one time all the Hasegawa aircraft kits had box art by this master- sadly it seems he has been replaced by CGI …
A loss .

No,not at all.
I do post some of the color painting guides around my workshop.

Yes, perfect decoration for the hobby space


I make book marks from the box ends and post cards from the box art.


Box art is really the only reason I participate in this hobby.:rofl: But seriously… out of the kits I’ve built so far (aren’t all that many)… I cut the tops off and file them away. :open_file_folder:

However, a while back, I started this wingy-thingy box art collection on my computer (mostly downloaded from KitMaker). … I simply love box art! :framed_picture: :star_struck:

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. :grin:


As a young builder I used to keep all the boxart from kits I built. Not knowing sh*t from shineola it was the box art that first grabbed my attention. Now well into my 60’s I no longer “collect” boxart. Good boxart still grabs my attention but it no longer influences my purchases like it did when I was a young buck.

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I collect the box arts I like, neatly trim them and put them in nice frames with matting to hang in the man cave.

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Yes I do. Not the whole empty box, just the box art. The rest is going to the paper recycle bin.

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I used to, but far too many decades of building has forced me to be realistic - even as lids only they started to take up too much space! Nowadays they go to recycling along with the rest of the box…

I re-box kits to save on space, WAYYYY, too much air in too many boxes.
I fit the plastic into a smaller box together with the bare minimum of the box-art.
When (IF ever) the kit gets built the box-art goes in the bin since it has served it’s purpose.

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Yes I keep boxarts and the rest of the box goes to the recycle bin.
Some are really a piece of art. And often the boxart is better than the model ! :thinking:


I do cut out and keep em, but only to keep track of my total builds, with the instructions in a file cabinet. I like the bunker deco, Sean, great idea.

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I don’t get this either. Are you going to rebuild the kit? Why do you keep the instructions? If you get another kit, it will come with its own instructions…Off to the recycle bin as well.

Once I finish a kit, I snip and save any spare parts, and all the rest goes in the recycling. I don’t need any of it. The kit is on the shelf and I have real artwork on my studio walls. 1 less box in the stash.

I just lucked out that the floor joists are about the perfect width to fit most 1/35 kit box tops . Gotta love old houses, until it’s time to fix something though.


It has happened that I have saved another modelers build by being able to scan and e-mail instructions.
This was before the time when instructions became available on the internet.


That is the other reason I don’t save them. You can get just about any instructions on line and have been able to for years.