Dragon Wagon Soft Cab

Hi Michael… Excellent work on the cad design and having it printed. I scratch built one a long time ago you can find it here. Scratch built M26A1 soft cab and M15A1 trailer Dragon Wagon


Ralph it just doesn’t get any better than your scratch work. (unless it is Angel’s scratch work!)

Either way I would be hard pressed to pick one over the other!

I test printed some of the parts for the soft cab. They came out very good, but I went and thickened up a few parts just a tad to lesson breakage when you remove them from the supports.

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These are the chain drives for the Dragon Wagon, they printed out quite nicely!


Amazing work on the chain drives. How might we successfully remove them from their carrier backing plate?

I removed them with a razor saw. Then some fine sprue nippers to cut the supports.


I successfully printed out the cab as one piece. I’m back on track to put this up for sale on my Etsy store after Christmas.


Looks great!

What sort of printer are you using? Also what is the required maximum stage (part) size that the printer will be required to handle?

Finally. what micron size setting are you using for your print “Z” value here? (10 or 20?)

Elegoo Saturn 2. I think I just used the standard setting which 50.


At 50 I imagine there was some visible stair stepping in that front curve of the body as well as in that rear wall being printed at an angle.
However the front curve would be easily sanded and smoothed out and the rear wall while still sand-able to some degree is eventually almost hidden by all that winch gear.

Not being critical here in the slightest. Just trying to fathom (better understand) how this whole 3D printing process works.

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FYI ~ Just went to your link to the post-war Trailer conversion and it said “item unavailable.”

Would you ever consider also posting these items to Shapeways for those of us who do not have home printers? (Though I bet that cab would be extremely pricy given its size and the print time required.)

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It was going to be around $300.00 to print the soft cab conversion on Shapeways. That one of the reasons I switched to Etsy.
You can see stepping with a magnifier but it’s very hard to see with naked eye and it feels smooth to the touch.


It will be back up on Etsy after the new year. I want to regroup the files. Etsy allows you to upload a compressed folder as well as separate files.

I decided to modify the cab so the grill is a separate part. The grill can be printed with the cab, but if you break it you would have to print out an entire cab. With the grill separated, as many as needed can be printed out.


The M15A1 is back up on Etsy. I grouped all the parts into folders then compressed each folder and uploaded them to the Etsy site.


The chain drive and everything else looks great.
Does Etsy do the printing for you.


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No, you download the files to print on your own printer.

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The chain drive is sold on Shapeways as well as a physical product.

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