Dreams Are Free Group Build (Oct 2020 - Mar 2021)

The Cobra has finally crossed the finish line, and she's now proudly taken her place in my display shelving in her own display case. 

Since my last update all the final details have been address and added. 1st up was the headlights. The chrome rings were way to shiny and just didn’t look right, so I striped them, then a base coat of Gloss Black followed by Alcad 2 Chrome. Once the lights were glued into place I needed to tape the headlights via SCCA and LISCC rules to prevent the glass from scattering over the track if a light got broken. I made the tape by just cutting masking tape, then using a black magic marker I colored each strip. Each light got 4 strips. Next up was weathering the tires which was accomplished by air brushing on clear flat tinted with Tamiya smoke. I hand painted the line fittings that are visible in front of the radiator as well for the rear end housing. After the chassis was installed, all the final bits & pcs like the windscreen, mirror, wheels, etc were installed.



Joel, I’ll still be by every day. And I love the final look of the Cobra, especially the headlight protection. Nice detail.

Looks great Joel.

Often wondered why they taped the headlights. Never occurred to me it was to stop glass splinters!

Thanks so much for your thumbs up, it’s greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to seeing you here even if your next build isn’t for a few weeks as yet.



As I said to Dave, thanks for your thumbs up. As for what the tape was for, I’m not so sure that unless you bothered to cover the entire light, that it would have prevented shattered glass from getting on the track.


Progress report time.

Firstly, on a very sad note we have been notified of the passing of one of our members here after a short battle with illness. Robert Jan (SpeedyJ) was enlisted to build a Citroen here, and we were all very much looking forward to his build. There is a dedicated discussion thread where we can all pay our respects, and Robert’s brother has joined the forums to share some of Robert’s works and life stories. Rest In Peace Robert, you will be missed.

We are now 10 weeks in to our 6 month time frame, and here’s where we sit.

We have our second completed build with Joel crossing the line with his lovely 427 Cobra!

Dixon66 (David) - 2005 Ford GT - 1/25 Polar Lights kit - COMPLETED
Joel_W (Joel) - Shelby 427 Cobra - 1/24 Monogram Kit - COMPLETED

Aussiereg (Damian) - 1957 Chev Nomad -1/24 Monogram Kit - Sub assemblies and body painted, clear parts, drive train and engine installed, detail painting continues
rv1963 (Robert) - 60’s Pontiac rebuild
Szmann (Gabriel) - VW Beetle Mk1, Suzuki Jimny, Mercedes 300SL Gullwing
md72 (Mark - Ferrari Testarossa - 1/24 Monogram kit - Engine painted, detailed and test fitted, detail painting and parts added.
Stickframe (Nick) - Ferrari, Porsche 959
Cosimodo (Michael) - 1915 LGOC London Bus - 1/35 MiniArt Kit
PasiAhopelto (Pasi) - '69 Ford Mustang - 1/25 Revell kit - Opened for inspection
Dixon66 (David) - Mad Max 1973 XB Ford GT Coupe
Hwa-Rang (Jesper) - The Persuaders Ferrari Dino 246GT - Body prepped for primer, engine assembled
SpeedyJ (Robert) - Mercedes Benz 170V Cabriolet B - 1/35 MiniArt Kit
tinbanger (Richard) - Model A Delivery Van (1931) - 1/16 MiniArt Kit - Gone all Frankenstein on us with a chopped top and parts from a funny car. Test fitting components and sub-assemblies.
IronHide (Arnel) -
Phantom_phanatic (Stephen) – Blade Runner Police Car – 1/24 Fujimi kit - Parts clean-up and sub assemblies under way

If anybody has changed or firmed up their proposed builds, or spotted anything wrong in the list, please let me know.

Cheers, D

1st and foremost, my sincerest condolences to Robert jan “SpeedyJ” family on his passing after a short battle with a illness. No one these days should pass at the young age of 52. As Damian said, we who knew him, will miss him.


Looking forward to seeing more of the GB members making progress with their entries in the coming weeks. So far what I’ve seen proves just what a diverse group of auto modelers we truly are.


Godspeed SpeedyJ, rest in peace. Our condolences to his family and friends.

Hello everyone, I’ve been mostly away from building for the last year or so. Got a couple started just haven’t had the time to finish them.

I just returned to the site and am figuring out the new updates, and the first thing that caught my eye was this group build. I guess I’ll be a late starter but I have a kit I recently got that I really want to build and this group build is perfect for it.

Here is what I wish I had in my driveway again… A Ford Pinto. This 1972 Pinto was my first car, that I drove from 1986 to about 1990. On a stormy day I got to close to the roadside and hit the concreate lip of a culvert and tore the right front wheel assembly from the unibody, making it unrepairable.

Round2 has recently re-released some of the AMT Ford Pinto kits, I have the 77 Pinto Popper kit which can be built as a stock or custom version… I got this one to add to my coke machine collection. I will be building it mostly stock. Maybe with a few custom touches.



Welcome Delbert, great to see you return to the ranks here and I’m looking forward to progress reports on your build!

Cheers, D

Inching along. Finally got the drive shafts installed. Kinda tricky, have to thread the driveshaft in through the suspension, up over the exhaust pipes and into the transaxle. Neither one made the trip unscathed. and they might be a bit too long. The carefully applied paints didn’t survive the rough handling so I have to go back and touch things up,

Looks great Mark. Are you going to do any weathering on the underside and engine or leave it pristine? I usually do armour and aircraft, so not sure what the norm is with car models.

I’m waiting on the Paragrafix etch set for mine. The set has a lot of corrections and details to match the car seen on set, rather the restoration which has a lot of the interior missing. I don’t often bother with PE, but I think it will make a huge difference on my build. It’s something of a labour of love as it’s my favourite film.

Damian, I don’t want to be a pain but could it be possible to edit my kit in the list to Blade Runner Deckard’s Sedan?


Good question. I heavily weathered my '51 Ford, but that was the way I remembered the car, rusting chrome, oxidized paint, it was well loved before we traded it in in '62. But this is a Ferrari! Of course it’s pristine, or as pristine as my meager painting skills can manage.
Given the whole Blade Runner vibe, I think some wear, tear and grime is appropriate. :wave:

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Oh yeah a sports car needs to be pristine! Wonder if a light oil wash could bring out the engine details out?

I think any vehicle in the BR universe just needs some wear and tear. All that rain and pollution, nothing is going to stay nice and clean very long! Should help to tone down the bronze paint I’m using too.

Early on, I tried an ink/alcohol wash, you can sort of see it in the ribs of the oil pan. And the glossy bands on the exhaust pipes.

IIRC it’s 1 teaspoon of India ink in a pint of alcohol (91%?). Stole it from a model railroad scenery book.


Looks good. Brings out the details very nicely while still looking clean and looked after.

Welcome back to the darkside.

Looking forward to your 1977 Pinto build. And please share more of your memories of your time with it.


Looking good Mark. It’s one of my favourite moments at the bench when I get to the stage of adding a pin wash. It really is amazing how such a simple and quick process can add so much to the depth and detail.

Cheers, D

The bottom of the engine, transaxle, and rear suspension looks fantastic. It’s been years and years since I used the Inda Ink and Alcohol mix for a wash. Like you, I got it from my Model Railroading days. Your mix is about right, but I do remember using 70% Iso as it was cheaper and worked just as well.