Eduard Group Build - Aircraft

I’m building a couple of WW1 Eduard planes. I find myself eyeing a lot of stuff on their website now. Would anyone be up for an Eduard group build in the 2nd half of this year? Full Eduard kit not just Eduard after-market add-ons for other things?

  1. phil2015
  2. tank_1812
  3. john41492
  4. panzer_modeler
  5. betheyn
  6. markiii (maybe?)
  7. sgtkj
  8. colder
  9. shanghaied
  10. litespeed
  11. blackwidow


  1. A build of an Eduard kit, any Eduard kit, any scale, any timeframe
  2. Start date: 1 July 2021. End date: 31 December 2021
  3. No more than 25% complete at start
  4. Post a start pic, a couple of in-progress pics, and an end pic.
  5. Can’t be used for any other campaign
  6. Have fun!

I like the idea and hope I have time to complete a kit. :+1:

I like it, count me in!

Sure why not, I have a Eduard 1/48 Weekend edition Bf-109G in my stash.

Sounds good, count me in , as I have plenty of MiG-21s in the stash.
Andy :slight_smile:

Tempting, I have an IL2 to get off the shelf. But I already have a few other kits on the bench.
2nd half of the year, hmmm…might be doable .

I am on - I just bought an extra Bf 109G royal class, so ready to start building later in the year :slight_smile:

Surely we can get a few more to participate and get this over the hump?

I have a Wolseley Viper I’ve have been putting off due to an abundance of biplane fear, good sense and a lack of technique - but - can’t get better without practice. Making it part of a group build sounds good.

I have a Westland Lysander, a BF-108 and one of the new F-6D in my stash
With one of them i would like to join, just not decided which one.

Count me in, no idea what just yet.
tim :smile:

Phil, is this campaign limited to WW1 flyers? If not, I could join in as I have quite a few Eduard kits in my stash, mainly Spits and 109s …

Torsten :beer:

Spits and 109s are welcome. I clarified it for any kit, any scale, any period. And now, I think we have a quorum!

Everyone who wants in on this, please check the rules and let me know if you’d like me to change something. Then hopefully an editor will figure out what to do when to make it active…

Choices, choices. Should I do another WW1 plane? Or another aldertag bf110? But I’d really like to do a metal mig-21. It’s at times like this you realize life is Really Hard, in a first world kind of way…

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Count me in :slight_smile:

I think a F-6D, a p-39 or a spitfire mk.VIII will do the job :smile:

I am on for this one - have a ton of kits to choose from! Maybe a Royal class 190.

Count me in not sure if I will build a Spitfire IXc or a MIG-15bis.

I have noticed that I haven’t built a Spit in a long time, so my build for this campaign will be the new “Tally Ho” Limited DualCombo of the Mk. II

@phil2015 - Count me in, Phil! I’m a great fan of them and have some kits in my stash, great idea! :+1:t3:

Fine, Jesper, I’ll follow with a Focke-Wulf 190, too :smiley:
Let’s go hunting Spitfires! :wink: