Help with Creating Group Build/Campaign Awards/Badges

Below, you will find some examples of badges that are pre-formatted correctly for the system to use. You can right click and “Save image as…” to download any of these images.

Images must be the following:

  • .png file format
  • 128 x 128 pixels
  • Transparent background

Example 1


Example 2 (from video tutorial - see below)


Example 3


Example 4


Example 5


Example 6


Example 7


Example 8


Example 9


Example 10


Example 11


Example 12


Example 13


This is a video tutorial just to give people ideas on creating their own custom badges.

If I may, I’d like to recommend ‘Affinity Photo’ as an alternative to the over-inflated ‘Photoshop’ subscription service. ‘Affinity Photo’ is just as powerful as ‘Photoshop’ with a much more affordable price-tag.

Note: No affiliation with any companies.


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Great tutorial - I am a bit challenged as I cannot install programs on my computer as I am not administrator.

Anybody in the community that can help with a medal for the “Hot out of the molds” campaign for 2021?

Replied to you PM Jesper. I’ll have a go for you.

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Hi all,

We have an image for the recently completed Tin Can Sailors campaign and I have located the “Award Badge” in Admin… but how do we upload the image so I can award it to the finishers?Medal 1

If you want to keep to the standard medal like format Tim, I had a quick play with the design. Happy to help you if you want something like it.




Peter, these look great, thanks! I personally like the third one.

Rory, the choice is yours! Make your selection and let Jim know the names of the finishers and he’ll upload the awards!

Hi Group, how do we award badges to campaign members? Where does it show up in one’s profile/avatar?
IRC Banner jpg
I would like this one given out for Inaugural Railway.

Thank you, Fred

Hi Fred. You need to request admin (Jim S) to do it. You need to give him a .png type image of 128 pixels x 128 pixels. You also need to give him the user names of everyone you want it to be awarded to. Here is your .jpg award in .png format

(Please note, you are not supposed to have a White or Black background if possible. That is in the how to make an award thread.)

When allocated, each recipient will get a message from the system telling them it has been awarded. To see it click on the ‘avatar’ picture on the top right, the preferences icon (head and shoulders) then select ‘Activity’:

When that screen opens select ‘Badges’ and they will be in amongst your other awards:


Hi Peter,

Thanks for the thorough reply.

Looks like I did it correctly with the exception of the white background; that is fixed and resent. I sent this as a 128 x 128 PNG to Jim a week or so ago, with the members included. I know he is busier than an one-legged cat trying to bury scat on a frozen pond but I haven’t heard back from him.

Thanks for your help.

All my best, Fred

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