FIAT G-50bis in 1/48 by Hasagawa with extras

HGBarnes, i will follow your work,i found it quite intersting, i have this kit and is on the shelf, because i cant find the Airwaves PE set. Hope Hannants would send it to México
¡ Saludos desde yucatán México !

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Fascinating… ¡ I’m cant leave, still watching this post… On other hand, what is the color used in the interiors? Apreciatted your answer…

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Hi Jesus,

The interior color is Tamiya XF-23 light blue with a dark wash. Thanks for visiting.

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Hi Everyone,
Super quick update to keep this thread relevant, but most definitely will be doing more after a nap.

DSC04355 (Small)

I can’t get away from this 0.6mm gap… sigh.

DSC04356 (Small)

I bought a huge sheet of clear acrylic to do the tiny side windows which do not come with the kit. Cut the corner to get a nice 90degree starter.

DSC04357 (Small)

Because this cowl is so thin now, I’ll set it sit for a few hours to half a day.

DSC04358 (Small)

I loath cleaning windows HA HA.

Huge thanks to Sunward Hobbies for getting my paint over here so quickly.

Thanks for all your views, likes and comments. Be safe guys and gals.


Hi Friends,

DSC04359 (Small)

Carrying on with the front end, which is the most tedious area, the cowl is now ready for the engine install and eventual weathering.

DSC04360 (Small)

But I couldn’t look at those POS plastic exhaust pipes any longer. What’s a few hours, right? The sculpting paddle needed to be sanded to a much smoother surface. This is a section of tin/aluminum seal from a large coffee container. Also, it makes great side wall interior cladding for some helicopter passenger/troop areas.

DSC04362 (Small)

After some time filing down the sprue tree length, to match the original plastic, a hobby ruler cut the burnished thin metal. Same technique I use for bent tank side skirts or anything needing an organic look.

DSC04363 (Small)

There were two goals here. Obviously, the thin pipe inner diameter, plus the look of the pipe going inside the cowl and not looking like a bit of plastic stuck to another bit of plastic.

DSC04364 (Small)

You can see the ultra thin shavings above the pipes. It took 3 tries to get it right and some more fine tuning of the plastic forming master. Tell me what you think.

Huge thanks to Sunward Hobbies for getting my paint here in time to continue with this project. Thanks everyone.


It’s really phenomenal attention to detail HG… Very impressive element to it all


Thanks John,

Seems a pity to have put all that time in the engine and cowl work and not finish the job.


They look awesome. :+1:


Thanks Ryan.

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WOW! :astonished::clap::clap::clap:


Carrying on,

There will be 4 tones or colors for the belly plus weathering.

DSC04365 (Small)

The skin is sky grey while the inside of the LG covers will be a darker light grey.

DSC04366 (Small)

The landing gear… wait, something is missing! The retraction arms were not included. I’ll have to scratch build them.

DSC04367 (Small)

A 1mm hole needs drilling at the base of that triangle looking affair just aft of the LG relief trough and gets connected to a hard point just above the shock absorber plate. I’m using 1mm, 0.8mm and 0.6mm tube to get the effect.

More soon.


These are the details that make it :+1::+1:

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