Fire for Effect!

Haha…that’s how it starts… Something tiny… Then you think of another piece that you can enhance… The parts you’ve done so far have made a difference already just as Peter said… Nice work :+1:

On the AUF…I have now completed one side of the track run… I think my guess was about right …

That’s with 78 links done,

And I think the gap will take 2 more links taking it up to 80… That should also allow for a tiny amount of sag as well …:+1:


Finally got around to starting my submission to this group build.

This old AFV Club M102 kit will be it.

Despite the age; the kit is complete and in g

Machined aluminum barrel, rubber tires and springs all there.

Started off fairly quick, all parts fit together well and got the trail done in about 20 minutes before settling down for the night.

I poopoo’d one step and placed a pert in the wrong place, but I caught myself quickly and repositioned the piece into the right spot.

I think that was my queue to go to sleep and continue the build tomorrow.


Small update…


Those little scratch add ons you added Bert have really improved its plain look that it had before. Very nice :+1:


This kind of tracks does not show much sag.



Thanks Johnny!

Todays work…


In fact … Pretty much no sag at all …:+1:

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Posted my progress in the wrong thread… :sweat_smile:

Little update.

Assembled, painted and recalled the gun assembly

Used this image as reference for the details on the gun. Used some Tamiya M-113 decals I had to get the US ARMY decals on the gun.

Also painted and assembled the wheels. They’re not glued in place just yet, but everything is falling in place nicely.


OMG It’s contagious!!!

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Almost done.

Working on the aiming sights right now; true to AFV Clib fashion. These things have lots of small parts.


That has built up great Reynier …

I did a bit more fitting of parts to the rear, and also got the main barrel together to save a bit of time and I can clean it up before I get to the turret build phase


Nice. The old M-One-O-Deuce is looking good.


Done with the sights.

And while at it, painted some nice 105mm rounds to go with the piece.

I think I can call this one done…

Aaaand tragedy strikes. As I was clearing out the bench for my next build, I accidentally hit an open bottle of Tamita plastic cement and I see it flip over and spill on the back end of my freshly finished’102…

And I’m looking at it going…

Then I sadly realize that…


OUCH!.. Oh Reynier, that is enough to break a man’s heart.

It doesn’t look irreparable though. When it is fully dry, some sanding and maybe a little filler might bring it back okay. I hope it works out for you.


Obviously I am not going to give up on this build.

As you said, Peter; I let it dry, sanded it and gave it a new coat of paint.

I closed all my glue bottles extra tight and let it to dry overnight.

After an hour of dry time. I think I clutched it. All I need to do is repaint the rear turning wheel and I’ll be back in business.


I couldn’t continue for two weeks because of a hand injury. The lower hull is ready so far, 3D parts from Mad-Modellbau and olive kit parts for the A2 are attached. Next is the turret.



Nice work on the PzH.2000; glad you are back in the bench, Viktor. :+1:


Nice save, Raynier! Damage from friendly fire fixed :wink:

Welcome back, Viktor! Glad the hand is back in modeling condition :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t2:


Got some larger bits done … Got bored of the tracks so decided to shift focus …
Got most of the front upper hull parts fitted, and the barrel sanded back and the mantlet and recuperators done… And the main turret…

Just a test fit to the hull.

And then a test with the crazy barrel dry fitted …

Have also prepainted both the exhaust areas white on both sides before I fit the photo etch exhaust guards :+1:


The 42 cm howitzer arrived at last!

There are 3 sprues and a tiny amount of PE.

There is a lot of empty space in the box…

After looking over the sprues, noticing some empty space in the box, it would have been nice to include a couple of shells, powder charges and an ammo cart. I think they could have squeezed that in as a 4th sprue.