Fire for Effect!

I will be continuing this one in the Shermania group build instead of here.

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Great to have you back at the bench, Johnny! Or is it John? I am confused :sweat_smile: Nice progress and weathering on the hull and running gear.

Paul, beautiful build. Really a unique vehicle with an incredibly high silhouette, but I guess it is not so important for indirect fire vehicles.


I’m good with either :+1:

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The Priest/Sexton is on my list to find. :+1:

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Getting close to the end now.

I am trying to go with the images of deployed AUF’s in the white UN scheme and how the dirt/grime looks.

The lower hull and wheels got a fairly heavy wash and dirt pigments…

In most of the images, the upper hull is dirty, but no where near like the lower areas…

Turret is untouched at the moment… But all decals applied.

The turret will be getting a very thinned down AK OEF wash and a detailed pin wash to pick out some details … Before that I will get the last few parts fitted and then detail paint some bits and some light chipping … Stay tuned :grin:


After one “dip” in Blacken-It" and a wipe, this is what I got. Def not brass color anymore. More bronzish?

I kind of like it but wonder if I should “dip” it again.

Oh, close to being done dropping these:




For sure. And you can go further dirty for the lower hull (which remained black most of the time).

As you can see the plates on the front glacis (battery compartment covers) are really dirty as they are covered with an antislip coating.



Thanks Olivier, I wasnt aware of the anti slip on the front plates so may need to address that :+1:

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Making nice progress here buddy, even with the maimed arm…

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Are those panels dirty, or is the white paint wearing off to reveal the original green as boots scrape on the anti-slip texture?

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The both in fact although on the picture I posted it is more a worn paint than a dirty panel.


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After Olivier made me aware of the anti slip on the front, I had to put some on.

Masked up the front as near as I could get to Oliviers pictures and used rustoleum in a very fast sweeping motion so it didnt build up…

Already added some AK OIF, very sparingly… Almost dry brushed really… Will add some dry brushed NATO green to those areas…


Blacken-It is not working too well on the brass cannon. The first “coat” I felt was too light. The second coat was looking great until I wiped it down. Now it has a few large darker splotches, and the rest is still too light. What to do? 1) sand it back down to brass and wait for the Birchwood Casey Brass Black Metal Finish to arrive and do it again, 2) sand it back down to brass, prime it, and paint it, or 3) I’m open to suggestions.

Mike :question:

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I read this. It should help.

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Thanks Reynier. I’ve got two bottles of the Casey’s on the way. I did not know about the white vinegar though. I wonder if Casey’s mentions that?

Until it arrives, I can continue with the Dark Iron painting (crazy I didn’t even think to use the Blacken-It I have on any of the white metal parts :confused: ).


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Spanish M109/L23- Wip


Ok, the AUF1 TA fired for effect, was on target, and achieved rounds complete :grin:
( It’s finished :rofl:)

It was the MENG kit, first time for me building a MENG. Went together pretty well, no real fit issues, indi 3 part links went together nicely and overall, a really nice imposing kit I would recommend :+1:

Some images…

Some great advice from Olivier @Bison126 which really helped and I strongly recommend his site and all the walkrounds he has there :+1:

Paint was pretty much all Tamiya, and build was really out the box.

Thought the white UN scheme would be a bit more interesting instead of 3 tone …

Lower hull and wheels have had a heavy session of earth type pigments, and a generous AK OIF wash…

Nice to get this big gun finished… Onto the next build… Thanks again for everyone’s support and advice… Great campaign idea… Looking forward to seeing the other builds get over the line …


Nice result Johnny. The build, the paint and the weathering are all great.
You’re too kind about the help I provided. Exchanging experience and knowledge is the real interest of the forum.



Appreciated Olivier :+1:… Glad you like the final look of it

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Great result, looks fantastic!