Forgotten Wars Group Build

Spoilt for choice Mark. :joy:

LOL with around 400 kits in the stash, there probably not 40 military kits with non-US markings. And most of those are most likely German WWII hardware. And the rest are US subjects flying for peace time allies. So finding 2 (0.5%) that fit the bill is more like insane luck.

We’re only a couple of weeks out from the start of this. I, for one, can’t wait to get started on my own build and especially to see everyone else’s builds. People are proposing some very interesting subjects both on the ground and in the skies. It would be cool if someone would do a ship from the Falklands or something.

Here is my reference pic of the ARA General Belgrano which I will be doing a model of…

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@Mcrunty, I’m guessing from the pic you’re also building the sub?.. :laughing:

@barkingdigger Man, I was going to do that as a surprise addition but you figured it out. Now I have to change all my plans :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s hilarious!


Oh you’re BAD! :shushing_face:

Rye Field T-34/D30 Self-Propelled Howitzer now in possession so will be building that - used in Yom Kippur war

The clip in question.

Wonderful Dio, I just wish he went into a bit more detail on his build so I could steal ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

Translation of the video description according to google translate:

"Building a T-55 of the Rhodesian Armored Corps had been a wish of mine for a long time, and when MiniArt released the matching Polish T-55 kit in 2019, which also contained the Rhodesian version, I was one of my wish big step closer.

The T-55 from Miniart is a very special kind of kit: You are literally struck by the number of injection molded parts and individual parts. The assembly is therefore not child’s play and quite demanding, but the components all fit together well and the result is very detailed and consistent. I painted the model with acrylic paints from Revell, oil paints and earth from my garden were used for aging.

The characters were a challenge of their own. First I had to find suitable figures that I could convert into Rhodesian soldiers with as little effort as possible, as this 1/35 scale topic is not served by any manufacturer I know. The tanker is based on a WWII US Marine mechanic from The Bodi, the shooter is actually an Australian dog handler from the Vietnam War by Callsign Models. A few adjustments were necessary in each case to represent the soldiers reasonably correctly. The crocodile is from MAIM and was used without any changes.

The diorama consists of a wooden board to which several styrofoam sheets have been glued. I glued balsa wood panels to the outer edges. The terrain was then cut to size and the styrofoam was covered with a thin layer of mortar. Then the area was further shaped with modeling clay and then coated with a mixture of earth, wood glue and water to represent the ground. The plants come from MiniNatur, Fredericux Rex, Vallejo and DioramaPresepe. The acacia comes from Coniferi Silvis."

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need to start NOW… impatient man that I am… well can wait until Monday I suppose

I’m the same way. Happily, for this one, I have a bunch of things on my table I need to clear off before I’ll have room.

Same here. I have 3 campaigns I’m in the middle of builds for , 1 I haven’t even started building and then 2 that start on March 1st (including this one). Need to clear my desk ASAP.

have some painting to do tomorrow/Saturday (priming and white on Pz III) so that will keep me out of mischief

I am in the same boat as you guys. Final weathering on my Lend Lease build, 2 others in the paint/weathering queue, one in building phase and another to be started… suckers for punishment aren’t we…


We’ll be using GMT for the start time, so 24 hours from now we’ll be live. Please post your start pic then and then, have fun! I’m looking forward to this one.

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T-34 D/30 has so many holes to open up I have had to order new drill bits!!! tomorrow…

And we are now live! Look forward to seeing everyone’s builds! I’ll post a pic of my T-55 still in its cellophane in the next day or two. Not sure I’ll start on it soon.

My entry. A box packed full of sprues. My polish built T-55 which will be painted up in the colours of the Rhodesian Army. Hopefully will get started in a few days.