French VPS, Operation Barkhane

Latest project with a few tweaks left to do.
Azimut resin conversion to the Revell Wolf kit in 1/35. Started this years ago and gave up, picked it up again in 2021 and with Frenchy’s reference help I’m finishing it off. Live Resin, Blast model details lots of scratch building, lots of trouble. I hope you enjoy it.
lf-vps good


Good job! Can’t comment on the accuracy since I know way too little about these.

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Very nice! I like what you did with this one and it was definitely worth the trouble.

What were the main issues with the build? Azimut conversion?


Wow ! Very nice work ! Suspensions height looks great. Nice paint job.

Did you make some modifications on the suspensions ? It seems they are lower in comparison with a few other builts of this conversion.

Thank you Maki, high praise from you. The big issue was the warped resin body pieces and the strange dimensions of the rear roll cage assembly. In turn that rippled through the build up. I couldn’t stand it any longer so mid build I started chopping, then re prime and went again. The suspension was also way out and thanks to Frenchy’s hawk eye he spotted that the rear axle width was 4mm out!. The height was wonky as well so I removed the Azimut’s solution and installed an adjustable set of pins that I could raise and lower once the build was set into a base.

Terminator thank you for the kind words. The stock Azimut build made the suspension WAY too high you are right. Azimut supplied new pins that represent the shocks and struts, I just replaced them with styrene rod to the get the ride height I wanted. I could of made it a tad higher because in real life the wheels would rub if they were turned to each extreme but it looks like a lot of the photos. Frenchy sent me a photo of two VPS’ on a flat bed train car and both vehicles had differing ride height.
The other issue with making the rear axle narrower, to fit within the wheel wheel flares, is that the traction control arms had to be removed, the axle installed and then reinstall the arms which can be seen from a low angle.
I have to say that the Azimut modelling was remarkably good, such fine detail but the resin itself let them down.

Thank you Robin.

Those build issues sound like a right pain in the butt but you have whipped it into fine shape. You’ve populated it really nicely with kit too- it looks properly loaded down and ‘lived in’.

It’s a shame… Azimut has some really nice conversions, and I was tempted by this particular one myself, but reading the comments on the fit and problems with resin… well, I didn’t want to take a chance.

But you managed to overcome the problems and finish the model. And doing a spectacular job with it. 4mm rear axle width difference? Ouch. Kudos for the patience and perseverance.


Ooooo! This is my favorite subject. It looks great. I’m impressed

Well done Bill ! :wink:

Happy to see this one in the spotlights at last !


I couldn’t have said it better. Great job.


Thanks Karl. I think this was the first build where I wasn’t thinking of the next build. I enjoyed the challenges, finding all the kit which was totally outside of my cultural experience. I relied on Frenchy a lot to identify what weapons were used, ruck sacks and especially that front hood rack took a lot of research. The Special Forces in France are like Special Forces everywhere, they like to modify and adapt. What can’t be seen are the water boxes, the various brand and labels, the kind of plastic water bottles used and that cool “wet” bag that the soldiers put heir water bottles in to keep cool on the passengers side.

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Thank you Makinen.

HP, Like I said, I couldn’t have done it without you, thanks for all your help and patience along the way.

Thank you Oliver and thanks to for your archive of great reference photographs.

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Very nice job Boggie!

Wow, excellent job!

I too wanted this kit, but it was hard to find and the ones on eBay commanded very high prices.

The Live-Resin additions really makes it stand out. :grinning:

Thank you Warwheels.

Trisaw. When I began the kit for the second time I realized I had bought two Revell Wolf kits and when I opened the second kit which I thought was sealed it had inside another Azimut conversion for Dutch SF project I was interested in doing.
[Bundeswehr LKW 0,5t gl Wolf, ADV Azimut 35170 (2010)] which I had also begun and put away. Azimut did some unique and interesting subjects.
Thanks for your kind words and I agree that both Blast and Live Resin really helped to sharpen the point.