Gimme Some LUVin' Group Build

Hello, here is my entry for this campaign:

the good old Ford GPA from Tamiya


The ‘Noddy’ car is looking great Michael. Looks nicely detailed.

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An old kit but comes out nice.

This is really a vehicle begging for a more modern kit. So many new Jeep kits but no GPA in sight.


Yes, may be old but tamiya :smiley:

I think i will build it with a “what-if” PTO bi-color scheme.

I’ve been researching the use of GPAs in Pacific theater for a few weeks now, but I haven’t found anything convincing.


Heh. The little hood ornament thinghy went flying off into Never-Neverland. Solution: fill the hole.

And I got ahead of myself again…forgot about the PE. Ooops. Not too late for a little surgery.

More to follow.



I managed to get some bench time this morning. I do like the Japanese Army Khaki color - it’ll look good against all the OD and Panzergrau on the shelf.

Painted the motor though most of it won’t be seen and didn’t worry about the seams too much.

The lower body will get some paint on the underside drive-train.

I’ve found that most of the PitRoad PE set either doesn’t make sense to use or just isn’t necessary. I did replace the turn signal thingies and I’ll add the window braces. It won’t be used, but the MG will get the PE parts just for chits and grins and will go into the spares box.

And the obligatory bits-and-pieces primer shot.



Great GB thread to look at models that I’ve only seen the box art and thought it looked like a cool vehicle. I’ve been fooled by that before because sometimes once it’s on the bench, it doesn’t translate with the same impact in scale.

These however are looking like purchases for me in the near future.


The Military Police M151A1 is done.

Fun little project. I might tackle a Willy’s MB while I’m at it… Maybe.


Not too much left. Wheels, top and supports, lights, windows, steering wheel, and a little bit of touch up painting.

All in all, a nice little (and I mean little) vehicle that goes together nicely and certainly (to me) an unusual subject.



Looking very nice there Mike.

Great job Reynier. Love to see you do a second model.

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Thanks Pete. Working on the M151A2 TOW Mutt… Painting the base layer for the Summer Verdant MERDC camo.

I’m simultaneously working in an LVTP-7 Amtrak with the same camo pattern.


Looking good, both of them.

Plese stop using the term MUTT though. It is not a term used by the US military nor anyone who was on them. It was used by Ford when they were selling the design and then Tamiya used it and kept using it. It was called either an M151, a jeep, or a 1/4 ton by service members and the US military.


Thanks Gino. I know… They were still called “Jeeps” or “Quarter Tons”. Butr I will admit to giggling a little when people get miffed about calling them “Mutts”. :rofl:


The assembly is now complete, the “cabin” is already painted.


Okay. Finally getting around to starting.

Detail is decent for a 12-year old kit; some flash here and there but nothing major and no visible misaligned mold marks. Lots of tiny bits like wingnuts, aerials, and other thin scary pieces. Beyond that the kit should build easy enough. There are ejector pin marks on many of the parts but pretty much all are hidden once assembled and they are all raised instead of sunken so they can be shaved down – no filling!

Careful reading of the instructions is necessary depending on how you want to complete it with top on/off, windshield up/down, radios set up or stored in back to make sure you use the right pieces. No decal guide that I could find so I’ll have to research which ones to use for the version I choose.


Some more eye candy being posted. Great work everyone.

Well I am still ‘couch surfing’ pending the settlement of my new home. I’m looking forward to getting my stuff out of storage and starting my entry, but still weeks away from that.


Decided im going with the ATV. For a small kit theres plenty in the box


Nice kit. There are two resin options for the wheels with Fat Frog Scale Models who make sagged wheels for the quad and its trailer.
I have them and they have a much better appearence than the wheels of the kit.
They can be purchased from Hobbyeasy.

A review of the wheels:

The figures look great with nice details molded. It is an impressive rendering for styrene figures.


Oh so close. Up next? Painting tires.

That top is just begging for some dirt.



Colin. IIRC there reports of some fit issues with the ATV kit, so test fit might be the key.

Mike the little K is looking sensational.

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