Gruson Fahrpanzer emplacement

A Bulgarian 1/35 Gruson Fahrpanzer 5.7 cm from Venko.

I hope to build this

The extended locker/storage unit needs to be built out of plastic. I plan to add a CSM sitting Russian figure (removing shoe ons order) inside the dugout and then of course the dugout it’s self needs to be created.


In the meantime I plan to finish painting the 3.7 cm version.

Haven’t decided on the country or color. Research suggests Romania had good number of them. Don’t know the color scheme they had. Might just do a Tamiya XF-65 field grey if I don’t hear any input.


Pardon my ADHD brain, but this really reminds me of those massive, ridiculously outlandish science fiction designs of the time.

These are small one man deals and not something crazy like the Tsar Tank.

Ok several questions Ryan.

WTF lol… Only kidding…looks quirky.

  1. Are those wheels and axles on the bottom of it ?

  2. If yes, I take it these were not static ? Or were they ?

  3. Initially I thought they were dug in but now I’m guessing this type wasn’t ?

I’m intrigued now…

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Ha I get that.

  1. Yes
  2. Depends on employment. The Swiss has them in hardened emplacements. They would roll back into cover for arty and roll out to fire per the design. This case Bulgaria had it in a fixed but others they had on carriage (as I recall Angel was going to build one).
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I like the rolling on tracks version. :railway_track:


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Cool Ryan , nice project !!!

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Very unique Ryan, this will make a cool vignette!

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Jesus Matt, don’t mention vignette this early on… He has to build the kit first … :rofl::grin::+1:


Why you dirty no good sum…stop throwing truths around here. Still have to wait on the figure to ship. Luckily the building of the kit is easy with Venmo’s cad work, the rest of the diorama/vignette will be the challenge.


For you. :sunglasses:

Meng 1/35 German Stormtrooper for scale reference.


:grin:…they look pretty neat . In all seriousness, the vignette will look cool. They are the perfect size for it.


Will follow with interest :slightly_smiling_face:


Pressure is on now.

Do want to say, I appreciate the care done on the support placements and design of them. Not all 3D parts supports are created the same.


Very nice and obscure… Thanks for the information and I will see the outcome of your handy work.

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Ryan, Are you going to bake Holiday Bread Loafs (Bread Bowls) in your ‘Easy Bake Ovens?’ :bread: :laughing:




I haven’t forgot about the “bread bowl”. I just go where the squirrel running HQ points me too.

I have some more work to do on the extended locker.

My original intent when making was half way.

Need to think about it some more.


I immediately visualized a hollow bottom so the soldier’s legs and feet can stick out so he can walk to a different location with it.

(Cartoon tippy toeing sound effects then stops)

“Enemy” troops sharing a smoke…
E-Troop 1 - did that trash can just move??
E-Troop 2 - what?
E-Troop 1 - that steel trashcan, it was over there a minute ago and now it’s over there.
E-Troop 2 - naw, your seeing things
E-Troop 1 - I guess so. What are we smoking anyway??


Another interesting and unique model project. I’ll be following