Hangar Queen XIII

Group Build Title: Hangar Queen XIII

Group Build Leader(s): john41492

Group Build Description: The Hangar Queen was usually a plane that was relegated to being stripped down for parts or rebuilt to fly again. This campaign is for all those planes that didn’t make it over the finish line, or that sit upon the “shelf of doom”. The goal being to complete these builds and give them the recognition they deserve. Any scale, any subject as long it flies.

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I will sign up for this GB… I have cleared most of the shelf queens… But left with one.
1/72 Hobby Boss Rafale M. TRYING to convert to a C… A miss hap during paining so left it in the shelf for sometime… I will need to re-paint and complete the model. Also looking to print my own decals since the original ones are no usable. On C variant…

Welcome aboard Mukund! The beauty of this campaign is that it’s pretty stress free. Try the new stuff and get the bird onto the display shelf!

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Have plenty to choose from, hopefully one can get done this year at some point.

I’m in with this oldie. Need to wash an inch of dust off of it first.

My putty/sanding skills are lacking. This should be good practice.

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I’ve got two kits that I first started back in 2019 but are still unfinished. One is a Stearman that I masked up for painting and filled some seams on last month.

Would it qualify for this campaign given that it technically came off the shelf of doom in December?

Hi Spitfire,

The whole purpose of this campaign is to get these languishing kits finished. Doesn’t matter when they were started or why. If it flew, was supposed to fly, or could of flown in a different time and place it’s welcome here. The goal is to get these Queens out off the shelf of doom and get them to the throne of display! Welcome aboard and looking forward to seeing your Queens!


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Well in that case, here’s what I’m finishing up. Just need to do the prop.


Nice, looks like the Revell kit in 1/48. I’ve been doing a little test fitting on mine, since it’s time to practice some rigging! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the Shuttle, in a younger life I almost bought that kit bunch of times, sadly life said no.

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Yes that’s the one. It’s a good little kit but I did the main assembly a few years back when my skills weren’t as good (they still aren’t).

The shuttle was a gift when I was a kid. Should be a straightforward build.

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Hi Folks,
Wishing you all a great day…
My Rafale C build is not going well… Trying to fix the base coat and cleaning out the panel lines…

This is the mishap during wash which I mentioned in my earlier post… First time tried enamel wash … It is possible that surfacer primer have not cured well… and reacted with enamel thinner?? not sure… But this was the result

To recover from there, I did one thin coat of base color again after pre-shading with satin black. But somehow I am not liking how this base color is turning out. Our group commented that for a relatively new plane, the pre-shading comes out a bit too harsh…

This is how I am leaving it for a day or two and pick it up again with a fresh look…

Thanks for watching.

Welcome aboard Mukund! Nice looking kit, I’m sure you can figure the painting issues out. Though, should you dispare, know that there is a great product called Mr. Paint Remover that will take off the paint without doing any damage to the plastic, it even works on clear parts. Used it on my P-47 from Hangar Queen XII and I think it turned out pretty good. So, you can keep that information in your back pocket should you need it.

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Thank you @john41492 for this info… I have heard of IPA and Dettol (yes that antiseptic solution…) previously for the paint stripping. I have even used gear oil once long back but disposing of oil is a hassle… I will give Mr. Paint Remover a try… I am trying to recover without a full paint strip. If that attempt fails then I will go for this…


The beauty of the Mr. Paint remover is it is controllable. Using Q-tips (ear buds)/small paint brushes allow you to apply and remove in specific areas. I’ve also applied over small areas by taping off the area and putting it on and removing the paint from one panel area. I did the same for some overspray on a clear canopy. Hope this helps.

Pretty pleased with the prop so far. Technically it’s a bit darker than these props usually are but I don’t mind.

Will let this dry and then paint the hub and leading edge metal.

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The Stearman is looking good. Love that prop.

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Hello, here is my entry for this campaign: F-6D from eduard i started one year ago.

I’ve selected the following paint scheme:

A good occasion to test my silhouette portrait 3 :slight_smile:


Howdy fellow modellers,
for this year I planned to get rid of PZL 37 from my hangar of long forgotten yet started kits, but… seems I lost few parts, instructions and so on… so instead I picked Tamiya’s Corsair in this state:

It will require repainting as for some reason I painted partly assembled model in no-one knows what mixture of colours ( I think brand was Tamiya acrylics, but concotion proportions are already lost). So re-assemble, repaint and so on.
And if I find all missing parts of PZL 37 from IBG, I’ll pick it up as second entry :slight_smile:


Great choice Radek! This is what the campaign is all about.

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Finally finished the Revell Stearman. This is my first finished model in over 10 years. Fairly happy with it all things considered.

Will need to get some better pictures soon. Phone camera has trouble with the yellow—makes it look lime greenish or too pale.

TS-16 for the yellow
TS-10 for the blue
TS-80 clear coat
All rattle cans