Helicopter Campaign No:3

Group Build Title: Helicopter Campaign 3

Group Build Leader(s): @Klaus Adler

Group Build Description: Helicopter Campaign Build, any scale, any subject and any era, partially started kits welcomed, Osprey’s or aircraft of that type are wannabe helicopters and DO NOT count

Event Details:

Completion Award: A medal will be given to those completing the campaign

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Verry Interesting. However, I’m already heavily booked already and I assume partially started means before the fuselage is closed. :frowning_face: Should you add a Going, Interested or Not for me box? :wave:

yeah, i need to figure that part out

Poor Osprey’s not feeling any love. :rofl:

I am on board, not sure which helo at this point.

Could be up for it, I was eagerly awaiting the promised UH-1’s from Kitty hawk for the last one and was pi@@ed when they folded. I do have a partially built UH-1C but it depends on how partially built is decided. Other than that I have a couple offAH-1G’s from ICM & Special hobby I could dive in with. Just have to clear some other builds first though…


My Kiowa Warrior is ready to be built ! :helicopter:

would an Airwolf count?

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Ill do it, i dont see a “going” box

I’ve been going through all of my old builds over the past few day and just realized that I haven’t built a chopper in over 10 years… it’s time to fix that!


Now would an Afghan version of Airmoblie be allowed??

I still have Italeri’s MH-53E (1:72) lingering on my shelf for years now…
Will be great to bring it out in the open! :grinning:
Where is the “Going”-button? :joy:

The going button will appears soon, according Klaus. The beginning of the campaign will be at the end of march so no urgency to suscribe.


i have no idea what that is, so I’d need some visual evidence to confirm it’s some kind of helicopter with pilots, rotorblades etc.

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Never built a helo! Might be a good reason too. I’ll either be in with Hasegawa Apache Longbow in 1/48 or possibly this picture from Operation Mount Hope III if I can find appropriate kits in small enough scale


It is a Mil Mi 17 body mated to a Gaz 66 truck frame, it has obviously no rotors or pilots, and no cockpit per day…

1/72 Italeri Ch-47D and Zvezda Mi-24.
Trumpeter 47 and Hobbyboss Hind could work also.

1/144 has the Academy or Revell 47 and Dragon or Revell Hind.

If feeling real froggy both exist in 1/35, just saying.

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i had thought about the OOP Italeri ACH-47A gunship used in Vietnam but i missed out on one on ebay.

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Might check out the 144 kits. Would be really neat in 1/35 but it would be huge!


Do you count autogyros in as helicopters?


@Stephen_Blackburn i’ll be a little flexible on that one and say yes :slight_smile: