Helicopter Campaign No:3

Another option for doing the photo-etch structures, use styrene to create the structure, then wrap the photo-etch around that. It makes a sturdier structure and the photo-etch details are still usable.

I’ll have to check references to see what boxes the bird I am modeling has. I wouldn’t make sense to add extra goodies.

I like the idea of using plastic card to stiffen the structure. I’ll keep that trick in mind.


hello, another helicopter campaign, another cobra :slight_smile:

it’s a second hand kit, slighty started


The quality of the plastic is good (if not very good), and the fit is quite good, but there are a number of errors and omissions in the assembly instructions.

So, after 4 hours of blank assembly and deciphering the instructions, the super cobra is ready for the paint booth.


I looked at the kit’s hellfire and … it’s definitely a no. :face_vomiting:

So i searched in my stash and find a set from eduard hellfire, so i can say problem solved.

I hope to start painting before my week’s vacation. :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Hello fellow helicopter modelers. Great work being done during this campaign. Your works have gotten me inspired to build a helicopter. If allowed, I’d like to join the campaign. My entry is the Zvezda 1/72 model of the Ka-50SH.

I’ve always have been a big fan of Russian helicopters. This crazy beast is right up my alley. I’m looking forward to the fellowship of building models on this forum. Keep up the super work, guys. Thanks.


welcome aboard panzerman1 we’re looking forward to seeing you posting some of your build soon.

Well, presented the wessex at one of my clubs and came home, for some reason the box decided to rest on the door, opened it and disaster, whole lot on ground, repairs now completed,

and was given another one at the club, by a club member, he says
he hasn’t got the urge to Finnish it, it has been started with some brass work done already firewall and pilots seats
I have started with the body brass , cockpit area controls and passenger’s seats.


Damn …that’s a real pi***r Frank… Repairs look like they hit the mark though… And nice surprise on the other one given to you … A different finish for this one ?


Yes not sure, which one yet , spoilt for choice.


Catching up with everyone’s posts. The level of modeling expertise is inspirational.

Klaus-Adler, Thanks for the warm welcome.
frank, The PE upgrades have really enhanced your Wessex. It’s double the fun getting a second kit.

Keep up the phenomenal work fellow modelers.

Time to post an update on my Zvezda 1/72 kit, Ka-50 SH night hunter helicopter.

Decent cockpit details and a nice pilot figure.

Cannon and rotor hub ready for attachment.

Cannon on. I did drill out the top, bottom, and front of the gun.

Ivan is painted and at the controls.

Optics, intakes, and exhaust pieces painted and ready for attachment.

Just a quick update on my Kamov. Good luck everyone with their projects.


Taken awhile to pick one but finally did and it’s the Italeri 1/72 RAH-66.


looking forward to seeing more progress soon as this is an interesting subject to build.

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Here is what I did last night at the club build night. It’s a little light on detail but it’s the only kit and honestly didn’t get far to add more widgets. Real question, slick, loaded out or a combination.


Time to catch up on what’s happening on the campaign.

Tank_1812, Cool choice for the campaign. Whether slick or loaded??? A predator looking craft should have its teeth bared. Loaded in my opinion. Have fun.

Keep up the super work, fellow modelers.

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Update time for my Ka-50SH Night Attack helicopter. I got a lot accomplished.

Fuselage parts are combined. Sanding is underway.

Rotors are complete. Weapon pylons are ready for attachment.

Added cable/wire details to the canon and landing gear.

Rotors are painted.

Working on the guided missile & rocket load out.

Camouflage scheme done.

I went with a more tactical scheme than the kit provided one.

Weapon load out painted.

That’s all for now, Guys. Thanks for viewing. Comments are welcomed.


wow you have been busy

Thanks Bill. You make some valid points.

Your build looks great. :+1::+1:

Once more, into the breech.


Straight out of the box build of Italeri’s 1/72 AH-6 Night Fox.

It turns out there are 3 versions: US Army AH-6 (undernose FLIR and rocket pods), IDF TOW armed version with TOW sight on the nose and a unarmed JGSDF with a cool camouflage on it.

I’ve decided to build the American version.