Helicopter Campaign No:3

excellent shout out about the landing skids, i would never have thought of that!

The box contains.



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I had a look at my kit and see there are two sets of skids. The one I will build has the curved mounts. Hopefully they will be stronger.

I got the truss top fitted and glued last night and find that it has really stiffened the structure up. There is a truss cross piece (40A) that is only vaguely located in the instructions and there are no mounting points molded into the plastic structure. A look at the reference pics show that it should go in a path which would go right through the oil tank mounted on the LHS. Out of the bad options I was thinking that the highly visible top location should be retained and the lower mount will have to go forward to join in the middle of a tube. Not good structurally. Or I could just leave it off . . .

For those who have built this kit, how did you handle it?


I’d hate to be reading those instructions after a few beers.

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Ah, Italeri’s good old ‘it fits somewhere here’. I can usually figure them out, but that’s got me scratching my head!

Find photos of the area is what i did, for finding location of cross member, it supports the backside end of oil tank and cut the top zigzag around the beacon area, to help put the engine in for after painting the framework,

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Thanks Frank, I didn’t think to try that tube behind the oil tank. I’ll try it there tonight. It will have to be fitted after the battery is mounted which according to the pics of the real deal Italeri wants us to mount backwards . . .

I found a pic of one of these birds in a museum with the straight tube landing gear that shows the tubes bent. Is it just flexible or was there a hard landing sometime in the past?


That is something you would have to ask them, plastic over time will bow with the weight, so didn’t want it buckling over time.

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Redone the exhausts, decals on, and red to tail rotar


Come up a treat … Looks great :+1:

Looks great, only flew in one once in Cyprus. They are really big.

Now looking for an alouette 2 in 1/48, as thats what I did some patrols of the line in, on UN dutys.

Only heller did them, now not able to find any🤨.


Couple of antenna still to do, lighting, windscreen wipers, air probe.


I love that Wessex. It inspires me to move my Marine H-34 up on the build list.

I got a little more work done on the Bell 47/H-13. The truss got paint and the motor mounted. As nice as everything looked in the trial fit, when the glue was on and the overhead truss was installed the motor no longer lined up correctly. Ooooh I hate that! I ended up looking things over and deciding that the gearbox being center in that overhead truss was more important than having the motor square in its mountings. The model will have to be examined carefully from below to see the problem.

I would certainly like to understand where I went wrong, I can only guess that my trial fits were not careful enough.



The Eduard detail set arrived and turned out to be a very nice 3D decal set with a colored PE set. I like PE for gratings and other details but building 3D structures out of it has always frustrated me. I will give this set a go and see if I can do better than I have been able to do in the past.

There are some striations on the back side of the main instrument pedestal that I figure indicate it should be bent on an arc to match the top part. That looks like fun, fun, fun!



Depending on what your building, you may not need the air conditioning unit,

Is that the larger multi angle box? There is no info in this set as to which bird would use the parts.


Yes, to box on top attached at the back. No 15.

Another option for doing the photo-etch structures, use styrene to create the structure, then wrap the photo-etch around that. It makes a sturdier structure and the photo-etch details are still usable.